New Pc... i9 or Ryzen9?

Hello to all
I would like to buy a new PC for the study. i currently have an i7 4790 CPU.

What do you recommend between Intel and AMD for your experiences?

I haven’t used intel since I had a similar cpu. I have a Ryzen 5900x now on an Asus 570x mb. Very happy with the speed, stability, and latency.

I don’t think you really can go wrong either way unless you have very specific needs

Thank you Very much!

I used to be Intel only. Back when AMD64 came out, I tried AMD CPUs, but I wasn’t as happy with those as with the Intel chips. However, once Threadripper came out, I ended up converting over – when doing the things I do (software development, media production, VST/Cubase) MOAR CORES is more important than almost anything else.