New PC...old worries (WL5)


benn running wavelab 5 w/ win xp pro on an adk core II…for 5 years

as of yesterday…it now has 3 major problems.

i’m right in the middle of a cd project…a bit on the poor side…but want to move up to a new machine…(new adk quad pro: ). so i’m worried to freakin’ death…here’s why:

  1. not sure if or how well wavelab 5 will run on win 7 pro 64-bit machine
  2. have uad 1
  3. have SONAR 7
  4. ai is lynx aurora 8/aes16
  5. have a bunch of other 32-bit apps
  6. don’t know a damn thing about 64-bit machines

could use some experienced advice…(on the wavelab question)…thanx,