New PC setup - VST libraries not recognized

I built a new PC and have spent hours installing Cubase and libraries. Initially, I just copied the Steinberg sound library from my old PC to the new one (same drive letter and path) and then tried to register sounds by double-clicking each file from Windows Explorer. This process missed lots of sounds so I re-downloaded all instruments and sound files and installed from scratch. However, it appears I’m still missing libraries.

Example is Haliotron. There is a sample library file and a presets file. Both files are in the directory where I installed the Halion content.

However, Library Manager only shows the presets file. In Explorer, I double-click on the sample library file, library manager opens, confirms that I want to register a bunch of sound files, I click OK, and the response is “No action taken. Selected libraries are already registered”. Yet, Library Manager still doesn’t recognize the sample library file.

This is just one example. Groove agent plugin complains it’s missing 1000’s of sounds even though Library Manager shows all the libraries I own are installed.

There doesn’t appear to be a stand-alone content installer for Halion, apart from re-installing Halion 6 (again :frowning: ) Library Manager doesn’t appear to support a manual scan, or some inventory function to scan and locate sample library files that match the file manifest for a specific instrument or sound set. It’s surprising that Haliotron can even be registered with missing files. Seems to be some integrity checking in Library Manager but it’s inconsistent and no way to trigger the function that I can find.

I’ve re-installed Halion already twice on the new PC. It doesn’t make sense that uninstall/re-install Halion will produce a different outcome. How do I fix this?

Appreciate any guidance for this.

After 14+ hours since my last post of trying various product re-installs, manually moving/deleting vstsound files, resolving/re-resolving version dupes/conflicts, copying files from my old PC from at least 5 different Steinberg related locations in /ProgramData, /Program Files, /user/me/AppData, etc., I can now open a Project and have it play without errors. In total, I’ve spent about 29 hours from the point I started installation of Steinberg software on the new system, excluding other sound vendor software. Those took about 6 hours, most of which was waiting for downloads

What I’ve learned about Steinberg

  • Fast Internet is a must
  • Saving product installation files does not appear to eliminate the need to download products again
  • Native Instruments, Spitfire Audio, Toontrack, handle re-installation WAY better, although I had to download some product again. Installation was mostly smooth and no issues within Cubase Pro.
  • There appears to be no clear strategy for migrating to a new PC. Yes, I get that preset files also have to be transferred but from where exactly?
  • If both Halion Library Manager and Steinberg Library Manager are installed at the same time, weird sh_t happens. A couple of issues were resolved after I removed the older Halion Library Manager. If it is a conflict, why doesn’t the new Library Manager remove it?

On a positive note, the load time for the project that prompted me to think about building a new system is now about 20 secs, down from 140 secs. God bless NVMe drives. And, Haliotron works now. Library manager still thinks a file is missing but it loads up in Cubase and plays.

If I were making a living off your products, I would be furious about how long the process took and how little formal guidance there is for it from you. I’m sure I made plenty of mistakes along the way but I shouldn’t have to be an expert. Hopefully, I won’t have to do this again for another couple of years but a tutorial, guides, or some tools to support the transfer process would be most welcome. I like using Cubase but maybe going forward, I don’t need to consider Steinberg VSTs or sound libraries, anymore. There are a lot of alternatives, and my new criteria for selecting products now is definitely going to be 1) library mgmt, 2) portability, 3) maintenance

The so called library manager is in fact straight hot trash.

If it does not in fact scan the disk where you tell it, and find the files which are in fact there - what’s the actual point of it? Even Native Instruments, with all their faults - manage to get this right.

If you managed to actually produce a tool that works, you might actually save bundles of money on hosting/bandtwidth fees. Food for thought…

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I had the same problems last year when I got a new pc. I basically had to install all the steinberg stuff again even though they were sat on my samples drive. Toontrack were the simplest. I just pointed the plugin to the folders and authorised to the new pc. Other plugins again were more difficult UJAM one of the worst as I had to download again. You would think steinberg and other vsti companies would make it much easier.