New PC vs next gen consoles!!!

I find myself at a rather interesting crossroads and I thought it might generate an interesting discussion. For context I am PC gamer mainly but I have a Switch for those sweet sweet first party titles.

I have a rather old PC; about 6 years old with a GTX 980 and an Intel 4770K. With the announcement of the new 3000 series cards I decided pretty quickly I was going to get a 3080 for use on my 1440p 144Hz monitor. However, the more I stopped to thick about it, the more I actually started to really consider the next gen consoles. With how old my PC is and the power draw on the 3080, I basically have to rebuild my PC minus the hard drives and case. This new build I was looking at was looking like it was going to cost about $2000 in my country vs. the now announced price for the Series X which I suspect will be $700 in my country (lets assume the same for PS5).

Considering the power of these new consoles pre-hardware optimisation is better than a 2080 Super, it isn’t crazy to think that hardware specific optimisation will allow it to perform somewhere in the ballpark of a 2080 Ti, or equivalently, a 3070. So for an extra $1300 I am upgrading from a 3070 to a 3080 in terms of performance. I can play both on my 1400p 144Hz monitor, and while the 3080 will definitively perform better, I would still reasonably expect a next gen console to to 1440p 100fps on new AAA games.

i agree

Well… ‘yes’, but you can’t really ignore everything else that is included in a PC build of yours. The options/choice of components, the expandability, the flexibility… I think if you look at it real narrowly as a gaming device vs gaming device then absolutely - I agree. But if you look at it from the perspective of what both do and have done traditionally it’s really apples/oranges.

Also thought about that.
Just to compare - we can play any game for 2800$ (including monitor and devices), and we can play any game for 1300$ (also tv included and some things like subscription)
I think that pc is also about work.
Thats useless to buy a new pc for more than 2k$ in our times and just use it for gaming.
I will buy a new pc soon (will take a 3900x+3070(or 3080) combo) and first one thing I am thinking about is working, not playing.
But I`ll start streaming, yep xd

Devices: Laptop X540MA-DM009 ASUS
Mobile - Samsung M21
Waiting for my pc to arrive xd

Consoles rock because the games get released faster. PCs you tend to have to wait a few months. Just my two cents.