New PLE Functions?

I guess I should have uploaded the file for Luke Johnsons LE presets. Lots to choose from, pick and choose according to your workflow.

Cubase>Logical Edit

I wish there was a sticky for PLE and LE presets. (341 KB)

Key Command/Function/Preference:
Paste Time Relative to Cursor

Same idea as regular ‘Paste Relative To Cursor’ but for time.

This would be very useful to say, copy an entire section of a song that has pre-bar lead ins, and insert it into already existing sections of the project:

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Just an observation on this after reviewing my thread,

Obviously this is because the PLE uses the colour name, and not the actual colour RGB#'s, and so PLE isn’t going to default track colours because default tracks, despite me adding their colour to my pallet, don’t have my colour name attached.

This could maybe be resolved in different ways :
1.)PLE could access Default Track Colour Preferences
Default Track Colour

2.)PLE could actually target RGB/HSV#s

3.)Colour Palette could be accessible in Preferences via a new tab.

Personally, I think 3.) would be the best, I think it would be less work for the end user, because for one it would work with their current colour palette and secondly, it would likely help avoid the need to create a bunch of OR conditions where a user has to add both their ‘Palette Default Audio Track Colour’ and their ‘Default Audio Track Colour’, and would also perhaps save users from having to change their already existing colour presets to RGB/HSV#s.


Further thought on this… you could go deeper into the tracks operations into Insert loading.

Action Target Operation

Track Operation: Load Insert into Slot#

Track Operation | Insert | Param1: Choose Plugin | Param2: Choose Insert Slot #

/-- For ‘Param2: Choose Insert Slot #’ you could make it so that entering ‘0’ will look for the first open-unused slot.

And could go deeper:
Track Operation | Insert | Param1: Remove Plugin | Param2: Choose Insert Slot #
Track Operation | Insert | Param1: Bypass | Param2: Choose Insert Slot #
Track Operation | Insert | Param1: Disable | Param2: Choose Insert Slot #

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Key Command/Function

Refresh Track Selection

The protocol with PLE ignores preference 'Track Selection Follows Event Selection" which is all in all, probably a good thing - but in certain situations, I would want a PLE part of a macro with this new function command “Refresh Track Selection (Based on selected events)”.

For example, if I wanted to select all Audio Tracks with ‘Parts’ on them, this would enable that:

Media Type Is | Equal | Audio | And
Container Type | Equal | Part |

Function: Select | Macro: Refresh Track Selection


The above PLE script in a macro:
-PLE script
-Refresh Track Selection

gif example, selecting audio parts:

This simple key command function addition would open up some new possibilities to make track selection scripts based on the tracks event/part contents. This could be stacked with a visibility command:

-Select Audio Parts PLE Script
-Refresh Track Selection
-Visibility: Show Only Selected Tracks

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taken from

As stated, this would be useful for creating a Key Command matrix for PLE/Macro scripts

Key Command / Function Request

Select Tracks of Selected Events
Selects the tracks of which have events

I came across an instance of needing a function like this when writing an AutoHotKey -> Cubase Macro script.

I think this could actually be very useful in other more basic PLE / Macro scenarios (ones that don’t require AutoHotkey)

Basically the only way to emulate this, is by enabling preference ‘Track Selection Follows Event Selection’ - but, because this is a toggle preference, it is not very dependable in scripts, and secondly, leaving that preference on sometimes clashes with other preferences and scripts.

The other option, is

PLE Filter Target: 'Has Data Selected'

This would allow PLE to select tracks only with data that is selected


WHOPS, threads so long I forgot I already requested this lol

Target Operation

Connect Selected To:

Protocol for connecting Tracks to FX and Group Channels.

For example:

MediaTypeIs | Equal | Audio
Container Type | Equal | Track
Property | Is Set | Event is Selected

Track Operation | Connect Unused Send | Param 1 | Param 2

Param options:
Name -> Param2: __________ (entry)
Name Contains -> Param2: __________ (entry)
Track # -> Param2: > Param2: __________ (entry) (or Track # list?)
Plugin-Name -> Param2: Plugin List

– Could list all Sends in operation ontop of ‘Unused Send’ ie

Unused Send
Send 1
Send 2
Send 3
Send 4
Send 5
Send 6
Send 7
Send 8

Same idea could be used for changing track direct outputs ‘Connect Direct Output’ | Name Contains, etc


The above could potentially be accomplished a different way, ie

You select an FX track and then the script targets tracks to be connected to it.

MediaTypeIs | Equal | Audio
Container Type | Equal | Track
Name | Contains | Voc

Track Operation | Connect To Selected | Unused Send | -6db

and another way, more similar to first

Whichever way, this could allow for some very quick, streamlined, routing. Especially for people who have detailed templates with FX tracks already created and named. Users in many instances, would never have to open up their sends routing, as this type of PLE preset could be hotkeyed, even macro combined with other track selection based PLEs.

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Proper 'Tab' through protocol/functionality

Upon opening PLE Window, hitting tab once, only cues the header description space. It goes no further - doesn’t enter into the actual script portion.

If this could be done, a scripting program like AutoHotkey could be used to tab to the, for example, name replacement fields

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Sub-Numbering of Tracks based on positional order within Folder w/ set of new PLE targeting protocols/key commands + OTHER PROTOCOLS

This would be useful in templates for users who are consistent in their track setups.

For example, if I set up my multi-timbral synths to be in folders with the same setup such as


  1. Instrument Track (HalionSE)
  2. MIDI Track 01
  3. MIDI Track 02
  4. MIDI Track 03
  5. MIDI Track 04
  6. MIDI Track 05
  7. MIDI Track 06
  8. MIDI Track 07
  9. MIDI Track 08
  10. MIDI Track 09
  11. MIDI Track 10
  12. MIDI Track 11
  13. MIDI Track 12
  14. MIDI Track 13
  15. MIDI Track 14
  16. MIDI Track 15
  17. MIDI Track 16
  18. Group

And I set up all my multi-timbral vsti’s like this, then I could come up with a consistent track selecting system

This would require that
A.) Cubase sees when user has selected a FolderTrack and or a Track inside a FolderTrack and thus binds this protocol to that specific group of tracks.
B.) A new protocol is added to PLE: Folder Track-Position
0 = FolderTrack
1 = first topmost track
2 = second track
and so on.

In addition, there could be some other PLE protocols here, if there was a targeting condition “In Selected Folder”,
then specific track types could be targeted

Some general key commands could be included in the context of this idea
-Select First Track in Folder
-Select Last Track in Folder

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Two New PLE 'Select' function variation:

’Add Selection’
’Toggle Selection’

Use Case:

With PLE, I have 16 MIDI Channels, I’ve created key commands to select each one, 1 through 16, using track name targeting,

This only only allows me to select one channel at any give time though. If the above was added, I could create toggle selector key commands, and or, addition selection key commands.

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Targeting Visibility Presets per Focused Window

Not sure if PLE should handle this, but there needs to be a way to target specific Visibility Presets beyond the 1-8 key commands provided.

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Track Versions

TrackVersions are another feature that was added to Cubase which never made it’s way into being integrated into PLE.

This would very useful, as it would allow TrackVersion operation without track selection, based off things like track name, ‘has data’, etc

for example, as part of my template, i have record tracks 1-16. Essentially a record track for each of my AD/DA, all these are tucked into a folder. I’ve created PLEs already that target this record folder and record tracks - toggle show/hide folder, toggle record arm of each track or all tracks, etc, etc.

These tracks are named in a specific way so they can be targeted - CH#, MicPre name acronym.

If I could target these tracks TrackVersions would make for very fluid workflow without having to select them to carry out:
-New TrackVersion
-Duplicate TrackVersion
-Delete TrackVersion
-Rename TrackVersion
-Prev TrackVersion
-Next TrackVersion

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Man…you are really really deep into it. Impressed.
Is there a site or post where you share your created PLE presets or even Macros? I am sure you came up with insane ideas that could help a lot of people with their workflow (incl. me). Ideas i havent even thought about yet probably…


probably at some point but haven’t had a chance to organize it/them in a way that would be tangible for someone else to understand, and also, a lot of the mechanics depend on being used in a macro and vice versa so they wouldn’t work if I only shared just the PLE preset file, I’d have to give macro instructions and the topology order as well. So it will take some time

I will probably wait and see if they update PLE in the next couple versions before I do any tutorials

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While they are at it, some attention on the LE would be nice. Getting it to select different length notes, especially triplets is a PITA.


This thread is great - some really great suggestions.

I’m a massive fan of the PLE and have utilised it massively when building my Open Stage Control Touch screen…

But here is my request -

Speed the preset menus up!! please!

As you start to build a good bank of presets up the PLE gui slows down so it takes longer and longer to select them or edit them. Automation through the generic remotes you don’t see the slow down but when manually doing it, time can stand still.

I have over 4000 presets now and it is totally unworkable if I want to manually reset or amend one.

Cubase seems to cycle through the whole list every time or something when loading one so it takes forever!


Extensive PLE (and MLE) user here so a hearty +1 to all of these suggestions. Especially the idea of being able to instantiate, query and/or address specific insert slots and plugins by name


I know you can’t reply, very sad. But if you have consistent track/template setups, then can’t you just apply one of infinite colours to the track and tell the PLE to look for it?.

Yeah, I like to brain storm what Cubase could (should) be. The LE and PLE were cutting edge DAW additions. I doubt we will see many improvements in this area as those devs have probably moved on to greener pastures.