Feature Request: 10 Key command Banks per Key Command Preset (Presets within Presets, key bindable)

going through my key commands and doing some tidying, I thought… damn, so many great key commands, but not so many keys.

Simple solution. Create a new protocol called Key Command Banks which would essentially allow users to create variations of their keyboard command layout and toggle between them as the Banks of “sub-presets” themselves could be assigned to key binds.

For Example, I could have all of my Key Command Banks EXACTLY the same except for the NumPad which would change to different commands depending on which Bank is selected.

The standard NumPad has 16 buttons. ‘ctrl, alt’, and ‘shift’ in their multiple combos multiply that by 8.

128x10= 1280

This way, peoples NumPad could become a bit of a portal for their PLE/Macro commands, or different work tasks. Banks could be named “Tracking Session”, “Editing”, “MIDI Recording”, “MIDI Editing”, etc, etc.




user macro library would have to be at the top level, above the banks. ie switching Banks shouldn’t alter remove/add what macros are available.

You can kind of do that now if you use the save Key Command button in the KC editor?
But then you have to open that to change set and that would be a little tedious.
10 Key Command banks would … :flushed: DOH!

My feature request is to avoid exactly what you are suggesting.

+1. Previously requested as “Load key command presets by key-command”, but it’s in the same vein.

It’s not that complicated. Load Kc presets with Kc’s. = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Kc’s :smiley:

imo this would actually be better because the banks would be stored within preset

@LoveGames I don’t know, it seems the same to me. The main request (for me, personally) is to be able to press an assigned button and change/remap the computer keyboard so that it fires different key commands, depending on that button. How that is achieved, I do not care. Or rather, I don’t have the necessary knowledge of how things work under the hood and thus cannot offer implementation instructions.

In the case of banks, how do you suggest the command assignment would be handled? With presets, there is 1:1, or many:1 assignment of keyboard_keys:commands. With banks you’re asking for a way to have 1:many assignment, within the same preset. Should there be 10 seperate key commands trees on the left (one per bank) to achieve this? Should the assignment window offer another field to define the assignment’s bank?

Just loading different presets seems more doable to me, and I don’t think there’s a limit on their number. (I could be mistaken, I never really tried it out.) Plus, you can keep tabs on them much easier. If you have your “main” keycommands for transport etc. and decide you want a specialized “scoring” preset, it’s easier to build upon the sparce “main” preset and then save as “scoring”, than having a mega-preset were many many functions are crammed in banks. (Unless the banks could be copied over easily from preset to preset from within the interface. I don’t know, it seems overly complicated to me with very little benefit.)

I’m just saying. Please don’t take this as me shooting down your request, rather discussing what’s the minimum functionality we need.

I think the benefit to the banks contained in presets, is, that the banks are backed up in a self-contained preset… rather than splayed across top-level presets which could get messy, break, etc, etc.

edit mockup adjusted

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:laughing: Love your mockup skills!

Cool, that’s how I imagined it from how you described it, except the radio buttons, which I imagined them to be root level folders on the left (Bank 0, Bank 1, Bank 2) that would contain all the folders now visible (under Commands)

Regarding the other thing, we have different preferences. I would much prefer it if I had to deal with lots of small files (or edit the xmls in notepad e.g.) if something went wrong rather one huge file, but that’s semantics at this level.

In the end, either way would work for me, as long as I can press a button and change my keyboard assignments to other ones, and that’s what I’m giving my +1s to.

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I see what you’re saying. This could potentially all take place in XML though, you’d just have to search for ‘Bank 0’ or ‘Bank 9’ in the XML text. In fact, I’d respectfully argue that this too would be easier to manage rather than having to open up multiple xmls.

The other problem I’d foresee, is that, I routinely make adjustments and changes to my KCs and save the presets incrementally, ie, ‘My Key Commands V1’ ‘My Key Commands V1’.5 , ‘My Key Commands V3’, etc… So having to do that across multiple top-level presets could get confusing… You’d have to save-overwrite, and or save-new name and then reassign the keybind(?)

But I agree that either way would be sufficiently useful.

Further graphical representation of this utility