New Plug In doesn't show up in inserts list

I bought Sonnex Trans Mod plug in. It 's folder is located in the same program files folder as my izotope ozone software. The ozone plug in was automatically available as an insert plug in upon installation. Not so with the trans mod. My iLok is authorized and updated. Any ideas?

Thanks, -pf

Have you checked your plugin paths in Cubase to see if that folder is really being searched? I don’t have Ozone, but I have Nectar and Alloy which both have VST3 versions. Is it possible Cubase is only showing you the VST3 version of Ozone (///) and not actually searching the folder with the VST2 Ozone and your Sonnox plugin?

First off let me say I am new to the digital recording thing. The only other third party plug in I have is the ozone 5 and it works fine. So I went through my hard drive and everywhere there was an ozone folder I put a copy of the sonnox folder. When I went to the Plug in Info dialogue and clicked ‘Update’ I got a box saying I have to insert a valid iLok. But iLok Manager says it’s valid. The sonnox device is not on my cubase plug ins list under devices.
Maybe a sonnox issue? Thoughts? -pf

I don’t use Sonnox or iLok, but it sounds like you just created a mess for yourself. If you would have answered my two simple questions before taking your own actions it could have eliminated a lot of confusion.

Hopefully someone else can help.

Also don’ t own Soonox native, but some plugins give a different installation folder for the install files and the actual *.dll. Go to plugin information and check, if the plugin is listed. or search your computer for the dll.and move it, or direct Cubase there.

But wouldn’t Cubase look in the same program file folder in which the other plug-in is contained? IE: Izotope Ozone5


Yes, but if the *.dll file isn´t in there, because it is not in the Plugin´s install folder, but somewhere else. then Cubase would not find anything it could use as plug-in…

Thanks for the help, like I said I’m a rookie with all this. I will see if I can find the .dll file about which you are talking.
I guess I don’t understand why all the files that cubase requires to run the plug in would not be contained in the sonnox folder that was automatically created upon download and install. As far as I can tell, the sonnex folder is in the correct program file folder C:/program files/steinburg/vstplugins.

I also found it in ‘common files’. Once again, this is all new to me, but thanks again.


Because as I said before, some plugins ask for the VST plugin folder and an installation folder - Me too doesn´t know if Sonnox does it. But since I can´t see wjhat´s going on on your computer, it´s the first thing I personally would check.
You can also check if the plug-in is listed in the plugin informations.

Not listed in cubase ‘plug in informarion’ and when I click ‘update’ I get an invalid license dialogue.
I appreciate the info, my path seems correct. I’m going to try an uninstall-reinstall. I’ll let you know, thanks a bunch.


Did an un-reinstall, but still getting an invalid license dialogue when I click ‘Update’ in Plug In Information. The iLok Manager says the plug-in is registered.

Checked the file path and it’s right where this link says it should be:

Gonna check with Sweetwater (the vendor) tomorrow. I appreciate your time.


Apparently, some software plug-in manufacturers (Sonnox included) who use iLok registration do not automatically activate your license upon registration but require that you open “iLok Manager” and perform a manual activation of the license once it is deposited in your iLok.

(note to self)