New problem with Cubase 5.5.3 (Solved)

I have Cubase 5.0 upgraded to 5.5.3 (which I think is the latest version 5 ) and until this week had no problems .
A couple of days ago I opened a project and I can not access to the options in the “Inspector” . For example , I can not open or expand “Sends” , and it happens with all the options .

The “funny” thing is that I have not installed anything on that computer that is dedicated to using Cubase.

I uninstalled cubase and I’ve reinstalled . The version 5.0 works correctly but me if I install the 5.5.3 update, the problem occur again.

Can you help me pleased?

I updated Windows 8 and has solved the problem
I do not understand because it has stopped working because the computer does not have internet connection .