New product update and activation madness is getting too much to accept

When I bought Transverse today, it became very obvious to me, that as long years Steinberg customer, I am NOT willing wo endure the meanwhile unaccaptable installation madness.
To use my fresh buy of Transverse I had to the same idiotic chain of things, as comes with EVERY new product buy meanwhile:

  • download the product
  • load a Steinberg download manager update (for each new product!)
  • load an elicenser update (for each new product!)
  • load an embedding software update, in this case Halion Sonic (for each new Halion sonic product!)
    After this whack four step nonsense I am not ready to go with an eleicenser key I would receive by email - that would just be to easy for Steinbergs obstacle race activation philosdophy:
  • first I have to go online, open the “MySteinberg” account, paste an “activation key”
  • only then I finally get my elicencer key
  • I start the elicencer, and paste the elicenser key to activate my product on the dongle, which I have to have plugged in on one USB port all the time

As customer, I don NOT, and under no circumstance, accept this kind of absolutely whack, unreasonable and excessive demand from Steinberg (or any other compnay) for using their products any longer.
So far there were two kinds of products I have bought from Steinberg

  • products I rely on, like Cubase and Groove Agent 5
  • and products I just bought for creative fun (tools like backbone, soundpacks etc.)

The installation madness from Steinberg, brought upon us from mindless managers, opting for the most easy stupid way for themselves, and the most unnerving for us customers, will have consequences from my side from now on:

  • from now on I will boycott buying any products of the second kind from Steinberg, which I don’t necessarily need, and buy and use alternatives from other companies, until Steinberg is revising their whack update and activation procedures. Too much is too much, and I’m finally done with that crap!
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Hi Jim

sorry you’re finding it painful to download and install - I’ve read your post and I can see why you feel that way…BUT…I very respectfully disagree.

Your Download Manager and Elicencer software was out of date so that needed updating…so was Halion Sonic. That doesn’t need doing ‘every time’ and was just ‘one of those things’ - it’s good to keep software up to date so I think it’s a positive ?

I also agree the Download Manager could be better but I suspect that’s a work in progress…

Of course it’s totally up to you if you never buy anything from Steinberg again but don’t “throw the baby out with the bathwater”. (I don’t know if that idiom translates to German :slight_smile: )

I’m just about to make a cup of tea - and if I was to list EVERY step then it would look like too much hard work…but it’s worth it to get that cuppa :smiley:

No, I would not see aproblem, if I had to update all the single components every some months. But lately I had to update them MUCH more frequently, and literally every time I installed a new product. The updating circle has become MUCH too short.

The double activation process is completely unacceptable to me as well. Both on top of each other are a complete no go. I just won’t swallow that bad organized nonsense.

There are MUCH smarter product management tools out there, if I look at my iZotope product tool for example: all in one place (activation and updates) and in one go!

I haven’t had the ‘double activation’ issue myself…although C11 came with a download code which generated an activation code when you pasted it into the download assistant …I never needed to jump though those exact same hoops.

I have no evidence and I’m just guessing - the Download Assistant is a work in progress, and they want to make it more like the Native Instrument one - where you just type in your new serial and it sorts everything out. I think we’re in a clumsy transition stage at the moment, or at least I hope so.

Either way enjoy your new expansion pack and hopefully the stress will melt away …until next time


Whatever they do, it should not, and never, be soemthing like 6 or 7 steps until I can finally use a product I just bought.

Thanks for your heads up.
As paying customer, I am just not willing to give in to this kind of mindless dumb manager burocracy, ever.