new project saving dialogue

Hit ctrl+N. Immediately close the new project. Dorico prompts to save changes. But you’ve not made changes. You’ve done nothing but start a new project (perhaps by accident. Shift +N is close to Ctrl+N).

I propose that save changes dialogue appears only when changes have been made. Or if this is too far fetched of an idea, the dialogue prompts “Do you want to save this project” rather than “do you want to save changes”. Cosmetic, but valid? Take it or leave it.

You’re right that you have not made any changes, but some changes have been made, to the playback configuration of the project (the application of the default playback template). We could argue about whether or not this should cause the project to be dirty when the project is brand new, but since it does need to mark the project dirty at all other times, it’s a bit awkward to prevent it from doing so at the very start of a project’s lifetime.

Thanks for your response Daniel. This reminds me of another user who posted something along the lines of “the end user doesn’t need to know the technical ins and outs…” etc. Please don’t take it the wrong way, I thank you for explaining the things as you do to us. My hopes and efforts here is that Dorico can be as intuitive as possible.

We can’t work on everything at all times, Luke. We have limited resources, and a limited number of hours in the day. As it is I and other members of the team work many additional hours in the service of our users and of making the software better. Every change made to the software requires careful thought, testing, integration, may impact on documentation, localisation, and carries the risk of introducing bugs and regressions elsewhere. While we always strive for “the principle of least surprise”, that has to be balanced against the cost, risk and time constraints that exist for making any change to the software.

I understand and appreciate all you do.