New Project Template adding Flow Title

I have created a number of Project Templates. None of them have Flow Titles in my Custom Page Templates and the preference in Layout Options to Show Flow Headings is set to Never (for all Layouts). If I use New From Project Template in the File menu, it adds a Flow Title (after a second or two) and my preference does not stick. My Page Template is fine but I need to change the pref again. If I use the Steinberg Hub to create a new project from my template, no problemo. When I created the Templates, I ticked both boxes for “Preserve existing flows” and “Preserve Project Info” as I like my setup, including bars on two pages (simple lead sheets with 1 flow). Any ideas as to what would cause this behavior? Is it a bug perhaps? Thank you in advance!

Yes, this is a little problem in Dorico 4.0 that will be fixed in the forthcoming first maintenance release. Sorry for the inconvenience caused in the meantime.

Ahhh, thank you @dspreadbury !

I am still finding that the Flow Title returns when opening a template (saved with Flow names - Never) from the File Menu: New From Template. If I open the file directly from the finder it does not put the flow heading back in. It says in the 4.0.10 version history that this is fixed, but I don’t think that is the case.

Hmmm. It is indeed fixed for me.

Okay, quite strange, but after more experimentation and a total reboot, it is now working as expected. Thank you

I don’t know if it’s just me, but now the behaviour is the reverse of what it was before the maintenance update. If I open the template from the hub there is no Flow name, but if I now open it from the file menu: new from template - The Flow name appears!
It’s no big deal to be honest…but I wonder if that is the same for others?

If you start a new project via File > New From Template then whatever is set in the project template file itself will take effect.

@dspreadbury This does not seem to be working for me: I save a project template with Show flow headings set to Never or Not for first flow, and use this template to create a new project via File > New From Project Template it still defaults to For all flows. About Dorico info shows Version (Mar 24 2022)

I’ve looked into this and can confirm your findings. I’ll make sure this gets sorted out ahead of our next Dorico 4 update.