New PSP Warmer collection 2.8.1 blacklisted in Cubase 9.5.50

Just installed The PSP Vintagewarmer collection 2.8.1 update.

Now all the plugs, Micro/Warmer/Warmer2 both in VST2/VST3 are being blacklisted by Cubase 9.9.50 on startup. This is usually an indication that people have found compatibility issues with the plugin.

There was no such problem in 2.8.0.

I realise I can unblacklist them within Cubase, but I am reluctant to do so, as I currently have a system which works perfectly and I do not wish to allow anything onto my system which may compromise the reliability of the system.

I do however need to use the PSP Warmer collection in my work.

I would rather go back to 2.8.0 than allow a faulty 2.8.1.

Anyone else come across this and found a solution other than unblacklisting?

I’ve contacted their support too.


iLok is up to date ?


Reinstalled 2.8.0 which was working fine up til this morning.

Same blacklisted problem now.

Downgraded to 2.7.3.

VST3 plugs work fine. VST2 plugs blacklisted.