New purpose built Nuendo facility in Melbourne: The Alley

Hi all,

Anyone who is interested check out my new mix studio in Melbourne - all based around Nuendo and Euphonix.

Hello Sam

This is a very nice Studio setup with good equipment, indeed.
I am not so fond of the high contrast ( wall/floor to black panels ), but it sure looks very elegant and modern.
I wish you all the best and a bag-full of jobs to keep you busy in your new rooms.

Cheers, Big K

Nice looking room - what do you use for 5.1 though - I could only see stereo…

Hey Neil - if I get a 5.1 job I wheel in another 3 of those same speakers and calibrate away :slight_smile: Although I have to say I am really not doing much 5.1 any more (hence why it isn’t worth me going the who;e way and buying/installing the other three permanently). A lot of the interest in it that was around out here a few years ago seems to have dried up as far as music goes…Actually since that shot was taken there are a few differences in the room and I should get some more pics done sometime soon, but that is the general idea.

Cheers Big K…I now have a large bag - that was the easy bit, now I just gotta fill it :slight_smile:

Nice one Sam,… Surround?.. ha I got really exited about 5.1 DVD Audio and built my then studio 5.1 capable, probably around Nuendo 1-2 time. Never got used :frowning: DVD audio died and and the wonderful MP3 took off!

The 5.1 system made a great home cinema set up in my house :slight_smile:

Hope the studio brings in some good work for you.