New Re-Record Mode Button

Figured I’d share since this took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to activate it.

In CB 7.5 open: help>documentation>new features in Cubase 7.5. Then go to page 36 or search for “re-record mode”.

I wasted about 10 minutes reading and searching the “Operation Manual” that opens in 7.5 because I figured it was the operations manual for CB 7.5. I should have checked the front page of the operation manual first because it is for CB 7 and not for 7.5. :blush:

My bad but… really Steinberg, the operation manual that opens in 7.5 should be for 7.5. Right?

I’m sure I read the other day in an announcement, that the 7.5 manual isn’t finished yet. Could be wrong.

You are probably right… but a file named “New Features In CB 7.5” didn’t cue me into thinking that this file would contain instructions for how to use the new features. It would have been better (for me anyway) if they just added an addendum to the CB 7 Operations Manual. Oh well. Lesson learned.

It’s in the video, fist thing I activated before doing anything else. The PDF manual is announced to come with the next update for 7.5. The videos are really a good place to start.