New realistic cubase layout (with regard to faders)?

voting no on this one.

you’re going to have buy a neve


I do respect your opinion.

I do not want to impose my opinion to others. I just see this 3D more pronouced look (not necessarily “realistic”) as one more option of CUBASE, same as the option to choose the colours. It has to do with shapes and light (examples: SPACES II - Eastwest, KEYSCAPE buttons, etc)

People have different points of view, I know.

Having options (and it already has many) is an effort from Steinberg to reach the personal taste of the maximum number of people who buy DAWs, because there are many aspects of selling points.

If STEINBERG will listen about “options” or not, it’s not my business. But I will keep an eye on other DAWS in the future, that is for sure. Its a matter of Empathy.

I think everyone already understood my point, so I think it’s time, (at least for me) to CLOSE this topic. You are free to continue on, but I am out of this.

Mainly because it’s a pointless discussion (especially in times like this) and I ought to continue with the purpose of CUBASE, which is to make music.

Peace out.

All the best.

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Nao problema aqui amigo, obrigado per escriver neste forum. Que tenha um bom dia!! Saudos dende Galicia! Desculpe o meu mal portugués

This is such a bad idea. Let’s get cubase working properly first perhaps.

Gracias :pray:

Saludos de Portugal!

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Hablamos en Portunõl :raised_hands:

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Be grateful that you have at least faders instead of microscopic arrows :rofl:
Screen Shot 2021-04-27 at 05.49.02


God, I hate the super flat Ableton UI so much. XD


Yeah… That is pretty bad! :rofl: Some plugins hace gone that route too, and it just seems “cheap”…

To quote myself in another thread, “All DAW’s will end up being the same. The one that is most customizable will prevail”.
So this idea is perfectly reasonable. Just a little ahead of it’s time.

There’s reference to “fader-handles.png” image within the Cubase skin file. (Steinberg\Cubase 10.5\Skins\skin.srf)

Work out how to modify that file, and you can do it yourself. But it’s something Cubase would have to release a tool for I think.

An .srf or Steinberg Resource File basically contains an XML file (or possibly several) and the resource files (or links to them). If I recall correctly they are compiled/scrambled, so you need a special software tool to unpack them.
Steinberg should have a way that allows a user to just drag’n’drop a graphic file onto a specific section of the GUI in order to replace its graphic. This used to be possible some 20 years ago, maybe this part of the code still exists?
You would not be able to change the dimensions of the fader so the dimensions (pixels) of your image would get stretched/squeezed to the dimensions of the current fader.
Summoning @Matthias_Quellmann #myMP3 (Arne should remember).

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