New realistic cubase layout (with regard to faders)?


Wouldn´t it be nice to see a more realistic layout like this (see faders) on CUBASE in a NEAR FUTURE?

Lets jump into discussion!



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Personally I don’t like UI elements that try to look identical to hardware counterparts. It always means giving up strengths of design on a computer screen.
I would actually like to see someone come up with a clever idea how to replace the whole mixer with something more suitable to be handled by mouse and keyboard.
Creators of VSTi UIs got more creative and left restrictions of hardware synths behind with certain on screen elements.
The mixer is an anachronism from old hardware days and we need crutches (ie. hardware remote controls) in order to work with it nicely.


To me, realistic controls only make sense when a specific piece of hardware is being emulated (e.g. an old analog synth). The Cubase mixer is not emulating any specific hardware that I know of, nor do I think it should. Let’s keep the look of Cubase from being any more cluttered than it already is, please.

It seems there are many opinions about this.

Then the most reasonable solution, is on CUBASE to have the OPTION to customize to anyones taste.


A quarta, 21/04/2021, 20:44, valvehead via Steinberg Forums <> escreveu:

What you mean with many? I can’t see more than 3 opinions, and two against your suggestion

but it still works

Yes it does

A quarta, 21/04/2021, 22:10, Steffen via Steinberg Forums <> escreveu:

Statistically speaking. This topic was posted today only. More people will show their opinion. More people for sure exist using CUBASE. And more people will come to join this fantastic tool, especially now with YAMAHA in the game.

A quarta, 21/04/2021, 22:08, Steffen via Steinberg Forums <> escreveu:

I have absolutely no need or even the slightest desire for a “realistic” looking mixer within Cubase.


Cubase mixer needs serious makeover. They finally changed the GUI of some of the plugins.

Personally, I like the Cubase mixer as it is. It is clean, readable and ergonomic, especially compared to some other DAWs. Actually the ergonomics and clean UI are some reasons I got into Cubase at all. Such fancy graphics as proposed only reduce the readability and strain the eyes during long mixing sessions.


Amongst the DAWS I know, I like UAD Luna Mixer GUI the most. I don’t know if you’d call it realistic but it is very easy to work with.

Good morning All,

When I started this discussion, it was not about the ruler with traces.

I just think, that the faders, graphically need improvement with a more 3D deepness, that does not cause eye fatigue.


See buttons on KEYSCAPE.

See buttons on SPACES II (EASTWEST)


See FOCUSRITE CLARETT 4 pre usb Monitor and Earphones Buttons.

See latest products from BOSS (GT1000 CORE).

3D look, does not have to be necessarily eye fatiguing.


The COLOUR OPTION is already there.

Is it so HARD to take this to STEINBERG R&D TEAM and make it available in an UPDATE?



apryce via Steinberg Forums <> escreveu no dia quinta, 22/04/2021 à(s) 06:17:

That would be atrocious, and very tiring.
Useless waste of developer time.

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You know, I am myself a Structural Engineer, I did Habitation Building Structures, Warehouses, Churches, Football Stadium etc, Oil and Gas Complex Structural Design abroad, Structures for Renewable Energy, Design Work for Famous Luthiers in the Country where I live, and all You say is unreasonable to say the least.

For me this type of change it’s 15 minutes of labour in CAD type software to make that design change!

Its only one button (fader) repeated all over the mixer. It’s that easy.

It’s not about designing a structure with thousands of parts like I did in some challenging work in Oil & Gas!

So, before You speak, think wisely, because You never know who is on the other side (in terms of knowledge to evaluate this).

Peace out.



Dragos Stefan via Steinberg Forums <> escreveu no dia segunda, 26/04/2021 à(s) 09:02:

Yeah, what was only a supposition before is now certainty: you have absolutely no idea of what you are talking about.

To make a change in design in a button?

What’s the problem?

If You know so much about the subject, why don´t You share it with the rest of us?


I have PAYED for the latest version CUBASE 11 PRO.

Don’t I deserve and whoever thinks like me to be listened to?

Why? What’s Your problem? Is it You who does the work for these changes?

Dragos Stefan via Steinberg Forums <> escreveu no dia segunda, 26/04/2021 à(s) 09:30:

Chill, there is no sign of you “not being listened to”, so cut the drama.

And I am being listened to just as much, as I pay for the software just as you do.

You put your suggestions on a public forum, and you get replies.

My reply is that your suggestion is really bad and that your further replies show that you don’t understand the very topic you’re posting on.

But feel free to post as much as you like, nobody is trying to stop you.

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Why bad?

Is KEYSCAPE presentation bad?

What about EASTWEST?


Please explain: why REALLY BAD?

Dragos Stefan via Steinberg Forums <> escreveu no dia segunda, 26/04/2021 à(s) 09:49:

Hi everyone, personally I think that Cubase is getting heavier in terms of graphics, at this point cubase needs a lot of internal hand to solve MANY problems, therefore making the faders look more realistic would be wasting resources. That’s my humble opinion. I prefer Cubase to be the most stable Daw on the market, more complete, more intuitive, and even easy on the eye like this; since at this moment there is still a bit to go.
Best regards

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