New "Sampler Track" like Ableton Live 9 Sampler?

Can anyone who also uses Ableton’s Live 9 DAW, confirm if it’s “Sampler” tool, has the same features and facilities as this new Cubase Pro 9 Sampler Track? ( if not more)

I must add that I am impressed with the new Cubase Pro 9 features. I wasn’t expecting this.
Good work Steinberg, for listening to your customer base.

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The inspiration was abletons simpler/sampler for sure. They did a good job job and I’m very happy to see it. However…it’s not as feature rich as the ones in live. No lfo, filters and some other stuff possible through racks and macros. Still though… very happy to see this new addition!

Not even close. Pathetic upgrade imho.

Thanks zyguli, on the link to the other Cubase Pro 9 post, regarding a “missed opportunity” for this sampler tool.

I’ll hold back on the Pro 9 upgrade then, until further features are added into this "Sampler track. I hope Steinberg take the meaning of “Pro” seriously… Thanks for your input forum chaps.