New series of Engrave mode videos available

My colleague Anthony has been hard at work on the next series of quick tutorial videos to complement the existing series on Setup and Write modes, and the first three videos on Engrave mode are now available on the Dorico YouTube channel.

Further videos in this series will be posted in the coming days, so be sure to subscribe to the Dorico channel and click the little bell icon to be notified whenever a new video is added to the channel.


All great videos :exclamation:

Thanks Anthony - these videos are a great resource


So much appreciated. Please keep those videos coming. Can’t wait to see the “Play Mode” Videos! :slight_smile:

Another three videos in the Engrave mode series are now available in this playlist. Two more in this series still to come.

Absolutely impressive!

Very helpful videos!

One question to the Staff Spcing Video:
I couldn’t find the shortcuts for the “concertina move” in my German version (Win 10). Alt + J or K doesn’t work for me.

Thanks for reporting that, Heiko. Those shortcuts have mistakenly been omitted from the non-English key commands files. I’ve added them now, so they will be present in the next update.

Thanks, Anthony. The videos form a great resource and are very helpful. I have picked up many things I was not aware of.