New Setup

HI all
Setting up a new PC.
Have W10. Have Cubase 8.5. Have Impulse61 Midi Keyboard. Have Automap4.
All latest drivers etc.

However, I cannot get the Impulse MIDI controller to drive the midi track for recording. eg Halion Sonic Se.
The Computer keyboard/Mouse will play the sounds no problem. (UR-44 is output)
MIdie COntroller only connected via USB. Using USB3 socket.
The Midi Controller faders can map to control track Volume etc. So the communication is there.
But the Controller keys wont play the sounds . They did for a while then just stopped.


Same here:
-New PC win 10-64, Cubase 9.5 upgrade, M-audio Oxygen 49, UR22mlkII
-Midi signal into transpot OK, mapping OK,
-NO “hand-shake” with VST’s, (no sound).
-However, using input from mouse on screen of Halion SE keys, communication and sound feedback from VST is OK.!!!..
Please help,