New shape-note hymnal

Just a quick note to say thanks to the Dorico team. I recently published a new shape-note hymnal using Dorico and it was a breeze! A few pics below:


Congrats! Looks great.

Very interesting and looks great! Sorry if I ask (and for my ignorance): it is a special technique of notation or/and has some educational or executional meaning to assign every different pitch to another figure? I am really interested to know and learn something that I don’t know. Thank you and congratulations for the finished project.

It’s based on moveable do. Each solfège has a specific shape. For example, scale degree 5 in the key is always a standard rounded notehead.

People who use it swear by it. And they all tend to sing quite competently parts, so maybe there’s something to it!

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Wow, didn’t know it. It sounds very logical. Thank you for your explanation!

Indeed. A friend of mine leads congregational singing at a non- instrumental Church of Christ. They use shape note hymnals. Those folks can sing🙂

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