New Sketch... looking for a melody :)

Hello Everyone… I Got what I think is a nice intro/verse/chorus chord sequence with falling bass in the verse and rising in the chorus. Looking for a melody, but there are so many options. All done in cubase 8 pro with Waves SSL 4000 mixers and Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machines.


Thanks guys!!

Standard pop chord progression, you just gotta get to it and start laying your melody and lyrics down, I usually start with gibberish lyrics until something strikes me as not too bad and then build from there, should be fairly easy to put a tune over this standard progression…good potential for a nice pop song… :slight_smile:

Kevin :slight_smile:

Thanks! I think it starts standard pop progression but I threw an A-major in there for good measure. Melody is coming along - gonna get my wife to sing it cos she don’t need pitch correction!! :slight_smile:

good luck with it, I look forward to hearing the finished song, you are lucky to have a wife that’s a good singer…

Kevin :slight_smile: