New smart select tool - option to change upper and lower half behaviour.

So the new smart select tool, which combines the selection and range tools, is a good idea, but I’m sure I’m probably not alone in thinking it would be a good idea to give us the option of which way round we want the tool to work:

Tbh I’m not sure I’ll use the smart tool much, because having the range selection on the upper part of a track for some reason just feels “backwards” to me. I can’t explain why, it’s just an instinctual thing - my brain for some reason feels like it would be more comfortable with having object selection (which I use much more often) in the upper half, and range selection in the lower.

Could we get a checkbox in prefs to control this behaviour, and let us have the choice?

I also noticed this right away when finding out the behavior and am a bit confused why they designed it that way. Since within operation systems windows have existed it has always been the case that the top part was used to drag & move them around and thus naturally underneath the editings & selections were made. Unfortunately Cubase once again goes against an established standard just like the reversed scroll wheel for horizontal scrolling where an upward motion controversially moves away from the origin (whereas a regular upwards motion moves towards the origin). It really should be easy to give a checkbox to inverse either of these, but astonishingly this has never happened for the scroll wheel either.
Thanks for pointing this out, I am not sure if I had taken the time myself to make an effort in trying to get the option to inverse.

I would just like to say that I’ve been using it for a couple weeks, and I also found it clumsy at first. I’ve gotten more used to it and find it becoming second nature to click where needed to get the result desired.

Even with this behavior, I feel very satisfied with this implementation which will make my life easier than before.
That was my no1 request!

I appreciate the new smart selection tool!
But It would be still nice, if Steinberg would implement a modifier key for the selection tool -> range tool too(like alt+click is for splitting events).
If you use the option “Locate when clicked in empty space” and are used to click wherever you want to relocate the cursor, it can become really frustrating.
Especially in a vocal recording session where I need to jump back and forth between takes.