As far as I can tell, in the main edit/project window, the cursor does not snap to MIDI notes that are contained within regions/events which could be useful when editing the MIDI regions themselves - sort of like snap to zero crossing for MIDI. Potential workflow enhancer


Please have a look at the following functions as workarounds.
Solution 1:

  1. Select the Midi part and execute: Edit --> Advanced Quantize --> Create Groove Quantize Preset
  2. Now Nudge the Cursor on the grid with the commands:
    Transport–> Nudge Cursor Left (Contrl + Num - )
    Transport–> Nudge Cursor Right (Contrl + Num + )
  3. Edit --> Split at Cursor (Alt+X)

Solution 2:

  1. Duplicate the MIDI track “A” with right Mouse click on Track --> Duplicate Tracks, lets call it “Snap Track”
  2. On the “Snap Track” open the in place Editor with Control+Shit+i
  3. Set you “Snap Type” (next to the Snap On/Off button) to “Events”
  4. Now you can use the scissors tool on any event in the project and it will snap to the Note On and Note Offs of your MIDI track. This Snap will also have and effect on moving events


Thanks for the reply, seeing as you called the above workarounds, does this mean there is future plans to refine this workflow as I suggested?

The solutions work, but they would become tiring and annoying very quickly and a huge quantize list would grow rapidly… Speaking of which, how do I dispear the groove quantize once I am done?

There really should also be an option

“Split MIDI notes within MIDI event being split” that can be turn on, effectively trimming off early/held notes at the begging and end

Please have a look if the preference “Editing–> MIDI --> Split MIDI Events”. Maybe that is what you want.