New Soft-eLicenser Number Ghost

My eLicenserControl (v6.3.1.1065) give always the same Soft-eLicenser Number. I uninstalled My Cubase LE 4 first, after the elicenser Control. I cleaned my computer and my Registry (regedit). After I disconnected the internet and I installed eLicenserControl (v6.3.1.1065) only. It´s amazing: allways the same Soft-eLicenser Number whether i have install or not cubase. I have allways the same number even when I use the Cleanup elicenser memory in the elicenser program .
I need another soft-elicenser number to obtain a new activation code.
I have Windows 7 ultimate. I allways have big problems with this cubase LE 4.
Thanks for your help

Go to the eLicenser site and look up how to re-install eLCC in overwrite mode.