New Softube Console 1 update crashes cubase

Every time I open the new updated Softube console 1 and fader system in Cubase 13 it crashes instantly. Is anyone else having the same issue? Softube has been pretty good at responding back but haven’t been able to fix my issue.
If anyone has any ideas, I would be so thankful.



Attach the *.ips/dmp file to see, if there crash happens in Cubase or in the hardware.

I haven’t updated to 2.5.76, still on 2.5.71 and after reading this, I’ll hold off. Ask Softube for the installer for the previous version so you can roll back. They’ve done this for me before.

I have done that already, but every time I use it I feel like I’m missing something. The weirdest thing is that I can run the new version of the plugin on my laptop which has the same specs as my desktop. I’m just hoping this isn’t a sign of the times that they are just going to leave all the mkii users behind.

Thanks Martin, I will check that

Hey Martin, how do I do that exactly?


Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

I’m on a mac

I just opened it in reason 12 and it worked with no problems at all. The only new plugin I’ve added to cubase that could have made a difference was VST connect.


You can find the crash files here:
Mac: macOS Console utility > Crash Reports (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).
Win: %userprofile%/Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

Ok I found it. What am I supposed to do next? Sorry, I have been doing this a long time. I should probably know.



Attach the file here, please.


Attach the source *.ips file, please.

The new release was not fully stable for me using c1 fader
I got lots of project freeze on loading…was opening same project ok on second or third attempt and did work fine after that.
The previous version working perfectly so will hang on till they sort out the bugs.

I have the same problem… with the new softube update every time I open cubase 12.0.7 freezing at channel scanning only at the first boot, after that I do end task,cubase log in safemode and without changing anything I just click ok and run cubase without issue…in the previous update the problem was fixed, now I have reported it to softube, I have asked to be given the previous update, which has not been given to me with very delayed responses , once a week…this only happens in projects where I use my softube fader with vst3 plugin…

I do have the old version. I’m not exactly sure how to send it, though. It was sent as an excel spreadsheet thing.

Softube takes way too long to respond

Any news from softube yet?
I have the same issue with Nuendo (12 & 13), although I run a console plugin and a ssl native channel strip 4k e per channel and nuendo says ssl is causing the crashes. But when I unload the console plugin it works.
Sent the crash logs to steinberg and ssl, but nothing so far.

I’ve sent crash logs and still nothing. They want me to take a video of it crashing, which is no problem because it happens without fail any time. I really hope they or steinberg get it together.

I am having the same issue Console 1 and also SSL Channelstrip 2 causing random crashes when trying to load a session. Had to remove the plugins for now until this gets fixed