New Softube software crashing Cubase 13 (and 12)

Just had the same problem as the op described, at first I had no Roaming\Softube folder, so I uninstalled all Softube products, including Softube Central. After reinstalling I still had the same problem but the Roaming folder was present with the Global Settings.txt. After changing “true” to “false” all the plugins and instruments worked perfectly, however, the preset collection window was blank, the preset drop down menu on the main GUI worked fine though.
I then changed “false” back to “true” on the Global Settings doc and now everything appears to be perfect, including the preset window, but tbf the preset window is not absolutely necessary, just nice to have sometimes.

Anyway, thanks very much for your advice.

Have the same problem here, but it seems to be somewhat random. Sometimes sessions load just fine, sometimes they don’t. It seems to affect certain .npr/.cpr files, and not others, i.e. some saves/versions of the same project open just fine, while others not.

What I have found as a workaround for the moment is to have the Softube Console 1 OSD app running when first opening up Nuendo/Cubase, and when getting to the “hub”, just before loading the problematic session file, I close down the Softube Console 1 OSD app (right click on taskbar icon on Windows, and select Quit), then load the project file and it opens like a charm.

Once the session all loaded up, I restart the Softube Console 1 OSD app, and it starts up and picks up the session perfectly :slight_smile:

Anyway, lets hope for a quick solution to this, as it is quite problematic!

Did you try the previous “fix”? Worked for me

Disabling OpenGL doesn’t work for me. Still freezing Cubase.

I just had this problem with Softtube 72 synth and following the instructions updating “Softube Global Settings.txt” as mentioned above fixed it!