New software update for MR816 CSX?

Hi! I have two MR816 CSX systems that I am running on my iMac and laptop (for playing out) using Mojave because that is what the 2019 Steinberg upgrade on the MR816 CSX allows. Will there be any additional software upgrades so that the MR 816 CSX will run on a higher macOS? I need to replace my iMac and I believe it will come with Montgomery. Any suggestions besides buying new audio interfaces?

Thats a HARD NO my friend. Steinberg will NOT update the driver to be 64 bit so Mojave is where our MR’s end bro.

It would be a simple recompile for them but nope. No biggie, I will NEVER buy another Steinberg hardware product

Also, Steinberg has set your MR value at $250 on the used market as that is the trade in value they give for the AXR upgrade