New song - I stand by the sea (The Riverroom)

Hi guys!

Just uploaded a new song I made in Cubase. Appreciate your comments.

I’m not sure about final mixing and mastering, any advice for the future appreciated!

Thanks guys!

Hi Vladimir, nice recording and video. I liked the sound overall. So I don’t have any advice on mixing and mastering. I was wondering about the last minute or so where it becomes a bit static. Maybe you could do something different there to keep listener’s attention? But in any case, really great job!

It sounds fine to me. I was wondering about the drum sound when they join in. I might have chosen a more processed sound for this kind of a track. But the drums work fine when more instruments join in. I also think the outro is maybe a bit longish.

Hi Early 21, thank you for the comment. I actually had 1.5 minutes of sounds of the ocean at the very end. I was told to cut them off. I did, and still, it appears a bit long.

I thought that perhaps listening to the sounds of the ocean could take the person away from the city a bit closer to the nature, give a different background and provide some alternative to every day life :).

But I’m glad you like the mixing and mastering, I was not sure about it.

Thanks again.

Hi Hko,

Thanks a lot for the comment. I was afraid that the person listening to the track might switch it off, and probably many people do, before the drums kick in. But I guess I wanted to keep the idea. But I wasn’t sure about drum mixing, because of the revere sounds of the drums. And also, wasn’t sure about the base synth, wandered how it’d play on different sound devices.

Thanks again for the comment! Much appreciated.

Hi Vladimir,

I thought the beginning was really atmospheric and perfect for what this song could really be. The vocals are fine and the arrangement for the first half is just right.

However, after the big drums and guitars entered in the middle (with the storm) I was yearning for an even bigger response – an explosion of sound (Multiple lead lines interweaving building on the energy of the rhythm section.) Instead all I heard was a good rhythm section with little added as it all disappeared.

Don’t get me wrong, I do understand your intentions with the structure and they work to a point. I just think you have the basis for something extraordinary. Giving the listener something to look forward to after teasing them with the intro and the vocal sections is what I’m looking for here.

Something to ponder, I guess. But, it is your music, your call.

All the best


Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for your opinion. The drummer, Oliver, who played the acoustic drums, had the same opinion. I think you are right, it needs a remix. Very valued advice, thanks!