New song in memory of those who lost there lives

This song is a dedication to all those who lost there lives in the many acts of violence that occured in 2012. Please subscribe if you like I have more to come.

As a recording, it sounds fine to me !!

I listened to this a few times. Sounds to me like the flow isn’t tight at the very beginning then at the 32 sec mark it all flows into place as is very good thereafter. Are those different takes? Other than that everything else sounds great as it is. My only suggestions would be some trap type drum fills and pulling some samples from your hook or verse and filtering them to drop in during the outro from 2:17 on. Great mix

Actually its 2 different people…The first one that can’t really flow well is me. :slight_smile: I have minimal experience rapping or vocals of any kind but I thought I’d give it a shot.The rapper who has lots of experience talked me into doing it.
I am more of a composer and mixer that is what I am best at I think.

.At the 32 second mark another rapper begins and from there on he does the rest of the rapping besides the chorus where we are harmonizing.

Then get him to do the intro ; the second rapper is tight. You got production skills ,no doubt.

Rap isn’t my thing but much respect for a really good production…clearly know what your doin…Kevin

Thanks guys for the responses. I really appreciate it. I would love to get the other rapper to do the intro but recently he told me he has a lot going on in his life and doesn’t have time for music right now. I think it’s a big mistake though cause he’s got talent. All his parts were free styled besides the chorus which I wrote and the intro.

I will post some more of my songs. I am not just into hip hop I compose rock music also among others . I try not to hold myself to one genre. I think it has helped me in the long run. I can take some tricks I use in hip hop and use it in rock and vice versa.

When I first got into music it was just me and my Tele. So I have a strong love for rock music also. Actually I just love all music in general.

I really would love to make this more than a hobby, which i am sure there are a lot in my same shoes, but I don’t really know where to start to get my feet wet or put myself out there nor do I have any contacts which I know having the right contacts is a huge hurdle in the music business. I’m completely new to that aspect. Any help there would really be amazing.

Your music is great, I can hear this song play on the radio, it’s ready for the market, and I really like the message conveyed in the song. Good luck with getting your foot in the door, do what you can, contact your local radio station, get out places and perform, you have the stuff, just get it out there, people will like this instantly. I wish I could offer you good advice but I’m not from the USA. Michael.

Thanks Michael! I am glad you like it.

Likewise, but respect for the production and mix, and there’s some pretty good lines in the lyrics. Mr M is right about the flow at the start. :sunglasses:

Not my kinda thing either. But the production is clear and good and the choice of sounds work. The chorus has enough variation musically to distinguish it from the verses and it does have a catchy element to it. As pointed out there is a noticeable difference between the two rappers. I don’t enjoy rap, but you can hear the second guy is rhythmically tight and although it doesn’t appeal to me it is a skill in its own right.

The lyrical message would be okay…However, I can’t say I agree with the religious lyrics at all. I’ve got nothing against deism, but I don’t like theism. I’m not going to point out all, or any, of the contradictions in them because it’d turn into a religious/scientific debate and not a musical one. But since the US is a largely based Christian country (even though church and state are thankfully separated) then I think you’ll do fine with that target market. :stuck_out_tongue: And it’s still a nicer message than all the “suck it bitch, shoot this bitch ho this and ho that” and the bombardment of obscenities you often hear and associate with rap. So I agree it’s quite nearly radio-ready. Good going.

Contacts can open doors sooner, but good material will always succeed if you get it out there. Most of the bands/artists I’ve known/heard in the past have simply had poor songs and musical abilities and they don’t have the same attitude to learning and refining of their craft that some do. Of course, some complete garbage and poor musicians succeed too and even some of those didn’t have contacts but the record company knew they could market it and push it on people for sales. So yeah, just get performing and keep writing/producing, you’re at a good standard in this genre as it is based on this track.

Most my music I try and keep positive. I also try and keep religion out of it but this was one that from my perspective kind of goes well with the message I was trying to relay.

I in know way mean to offend anyone with the religious aspect of this song. If I did I apologize. My main message was that we are the only ones who can change society and no one else can, not even any higher more powerful entity.

I personally believe in the greater good of a human more than what religious aspect they believe. I believe that being a good person and treating others as you wish to be treated is more important than a religious view that one has… I don’t mean to ramble on here… Thank you for your honesty that’s what I am begining to like about this forum…

I can go to a friend and ask what they think but all they do is praise even if the song I create is utter crap… I like to know when something is off so I can change for the better. Thanks all who listened and gave me there honest thoughts… It’s very apriciated and I will try and do the same for you guys also.

Don’t apologize in advance for offense. I certainly don’t take offense from lyrics like that and as you say, it’s positive so I don’t see how anyone could possibly take offense. But I am honest and say that I don’t agree with the theism elements in the lyrics. But disagreeing and taking offense are entirely different things. Discussion is never a bad thing either so don’t feel like you can’t or shouldn’t post anything like that. Personally there’s some religious stuff that I don’t wish to comment on, it depends just how deluded it is haha. :smiley:

Besides from what you say above about each of us making our own choices is of course correct and I agree with those points, as should any logical thinker I might add… Morality comes from within and not as a “gift from god.”

A few sentences or even paragraphs isn’t rambling either, feel free to ramble all you like. :wink:

You also seem smart by not being taken in by friends and family opinions. It may seem obvious not to do that, but a lot of people do it. :stuck_out_tongue: Self-criticism is very important too of course. Plus, there’s opinion and then there are specific criticisms on things that only someone experienced and learned in that particular subject/area would be able to spot and make sense of and hopefully explain.

I like rap I consider it no different than Jazz. There are those that do accents on the 16th note with the back round singers just sing the last note of 16th. There are those that are like sax players that do free form, as you described your singer, that interpret notes behind/ahead of beat as a great drummer does… I really like this style. I never realized how rhythmically challenging it till a fellow great Sax players showed me how to listen.

I think you did a great job on a moving piece of music, it would be kool to have 6 more parts singing the last note of rap phrase on chorus in addition to doubled parts to put it over the top. 2 low 2 high 2 middle???
Really well done great tracks

Thanks Kenny, I never really thought of it in that way. When I recorded it in my mind it flowed with the music just in a different way than the second rapper. I guess in the end some will like it and some won’t. I also like your idea of the lows highs and mids . I might give that a try.