( new song ) Loves in the way

If you take the time to listen…I thank you…

http://knmac.bandcamp.com/track/loves-in-the-way flac file


best to everyone…Kevin :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin , well done ,nice production , i like the arpeggiator type effect for the bass and drums what was that you were using ?
not my style of song but well polished all the same . and not my style of picture on your bandcamp but still very nice ,to quote “Steptoe” i like girls with great big wallnut crusher thighs .

Hi polgara, thanks for listening, the arp bass is Trilian…I ‘‘crafted the stick tings’’ :laughing: :laughing: that accompany the drums from a sidestick hit in Jamstix and got lucky and turned it into a loop :sunglasses: :sunglasses: what’s your style of pic :question: I’ll try and accommodate it on the next song :wink: :wink: I think the er… ‘‘crusher thighs’’ look so because I use’d a wide angle lens…the closer you go…the bigger they get :laughing: :laughing:

Kevin, :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Big ,i dont mind my eyes popping out. :open_mouth:

That’s a good pop tune man. Lots’ of variety to keep interest up through the whole song. I don’t write this kind of song but I appreciate what you do cause you do it well.

Kind comments indeed, reason to carry on…thanks :slight_smile: Kevin

Your vocal processing seems to have improved substantially, doing anything different these days? I liked some of the unique rhythm elements you implemented at the beginning, though the lyrics didn’t really make much sense to me haha!

PS: Flower pics instead of the ladies? C’mon man :mrgreen:

I really enjoy this! Great production all around. You nailed the 80’s wet guitar lead tone. The track just gets better and better.

Vocal sits perfectly!

Hey, :smiley: it’s so nice to have you back :slight_smile: thought you’d gone forever…not really doing anything different, just been tweaking and tweaking things after various astute comments from the peeps on this forum and it’s (thankfully) got a little better,
also using a lot less vst stuff…keepin it simple…like me :laughing:

the ladies are alive and kicking on my Bandcamp site… :wink:

cheers, Kevin

thank you commenting, I keep trying not to sound 80’s but always end up sounding 80’s…ah well… :confused: I reckon it’s the reverb I use…just love reverb :sunglasses:

cheers, Kevin

Got fed up of flowers so I went to the bandcamp site.
Sorry - can’t remember hearing the music :slight_smile: :slight_smile: