New Song Mix - Please review


I just finished mixing a new song for the upcoming ENRAGE ep…Gateways Vol. 2. Enrage is a NY Hardcore style band.

Let me know what you thin of the mix or any tips that might help to improve it. I played it a few times on different sources and generally I am pleased with it but looking for some ideas, critiques to improve it. Not really looking for song review just the mix.

Let me know

As usual thanks :slight_smile:

Mike Pelle

Ooops! Didnt realize you could not upload a mp3 file.

Here is a link to the song. Let me know if this works


Mike Pelle

Just for your future reference: you may want to post songs to the Made with Steinberg forum since people there are looking for music and will frequently offer good criticisms.

As far as this track goes, the bass is sorely lacking. It does have good clarity, though, which is in your favor. I don’t know if the lack of low end is a tracking issue or EQ, however.

The secondary guitar at 1:44 is wayyyyy back in the mix. I would bring it up unless this was the intended effect.

Other than these things, I think the song is done well. The playing is good too.

Ok good to know I will post it there as well.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes I’ll check the bass out. Basically the bass is pretty distorted as well and is playing more or less the same riff as the guitar so trying to get the right level has been tricky. At 1.44 the guitar is intended to be lower but I will certainly give another listen from a different perspective.

Thanks again :slight_smile:



This has got good kick to it. I enjoyed it. I’d agree the bass is a little low - but I understand you want to keep it back a little in metal because of the low frequencies of the guitars and a desire to avoid muddiness - you might have a bit of room there for a little more bass.

Drums are great - the vocal is a tiny (and I mean tiny) bit prominent in places for me - but it’s subjective. Good song though - I like it !

Well, the bass / guitar collision can be avoided with proper EQ. Perhaps an HPF on the guitars set fairly high (not sure of the frequency but I’m guessing around 160-180 Hz with a slope of 24 or 36 dB/octave) would carve out the low end nicely. You can always sweep the frequency to find the sweet spot.

Do make sure you put an HPF on the bass at about 45 Hz to lose the subharmonics that would indeed muddy up the track.

This is a good track. My girlfriend has been close friends of Darkside (another hard rock band based in Brooklyn) since the early 90’s (when they opened for Clutch), so I’ve acquired some familiarity with the genre in the past year.


Thanks for both responses.

Yes i agree I do think some spots the vocals are a bit loud. He is big dude and sometimes he moves closer to the mic while recording so he can be tough to tame.

And thanks for the HPF tips for guitar and bass. I will check out what settings I was using and try some adjustments to clean it up a bit.

I certainly know Darkside not personally but we played with them a few times over the years…I believe once in Florida. Good band and real nice guys.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Mike Pelle