New Song Mixed and recorded in Cubase 6

Let me know how the quality sounds mix wise and what I can do to make it even better contructive criticism is always needed to progress in this bussiness thanks fam!

I am no professional, and have no great sound advice, but I just want to say that I like the Christian, moral message in this song. Modern hip-hop has been defiled by excessive profanity and vulgarity. Keep it up lyrically!

Oh, and next time you wanna post a song you made, check out the Made in Cubase section of the forum. :sunglasses:

Thank you I really appreciate you for taking the time out to listen 1 luv fam!

And is it possible that they can actually move my post to the right spot if it is possible I will greatly appreciate it

They can if they see it. No big deal this time, but if I were you, I would repost this in the Made with Cubase section, because many great professional audio masterers hang out there waiting to give advice.

ok I did already thanks bro