(new song) Showing me the way

Hi, A ballad containing a Saxophone solo from Wim which is very sympathetic to the tune, I thank him for his excellent work,
this is my first Sax…is it mixed with the track correctly?



If you take a listen …I thank you…

drums are Jamstix…strings are Miroslav philharmonic…piano is Ivory.

cheers, Kevin

great feel shadowfax love it.

Another nice one, Kevin. Sounds good overall to me. The sax sounds great! I like the way it has a trailing echo during the fine solo. There are a couple of places where the bass sounds like it is too low, possibly below the range of the instrument, in the chorus, I guess it is.

Thanks for listening early21, I’ll take a look at the bass…Kevin

hi Kevin ,all sounds good tonally but the drums sound a bit out of place on this one, maybe a bit thin or maybe a bit over compressed i dunno . pleasing tune ,it has some classical kind of twists to it.

Hi polgara and thanks for listening…drums…always a problem for me and combined with my cloth ears it’s becoming a serious problem :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

just gotta keep on keepin on and hope I get it right one day in the not too distant future…at least the tunes not bad then…

I think the classical twist is because I accidentally hit a Major 7 chord :laughing: :laughing:

cheers, Kevin

i love that description ,it`s something teachers used to shout at me when i was at school :laughing: , conjures up visions of an head with tea towels for ears, a bit like an elephant without the nose.

Aww…you recognised me :laughing: :laughing:

Totally agree. Very nice ballad with a fitting arrangement… BUT, those drums :astonished: It really mostly comes down to the snare… and I should know 'cos every damn tune I’ve ever produced has apparently had the wrong snare :laughing: And I think this suffers the same fate. It’s too brittle… too much ‘bite’. I think it needs to be a ‘ballad-friendly’ snare - less top… more of a softer sound :smiley: And… I think you need a much softer kick too.

Good song though :sunglasses:

Thanks for listening Ian, doin drums is a pain in the watsit!! :frowning: always get it wrong, still trying though :slight_smile:

I’m willing to bet this is a 16-bit project. Not mixed down to 16-bit, but that the project itself is 16-bit. That would be the first thing I’d check based on how brittle the drums sound.

all my projects are 32 bit float, the reason the drums are “not correct”, is because I’m rubbish at production :slight_smile:

Just cycle through a selection of snares and give them a ‘test drive’ :slight_smile:

that’s what i do (did) just end up wanting to jump out of the window :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

That’s it! The sound of a body hitting the ground below is just the sound you want for your kick! :smiley:

The sax line has soul and sounds perfect to me. After reading comments I’d also try different drums but even now drums did not sound very wrong to me.

Really appreciate you listening and taking the time to comment alvin, didn’t think the drums were too bad myself (although there is always room for improvement in my case)

best and welcome to the forum… Kevin :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliment Alvin! :sunglasses:

well, if you’re rubbish at production, I may as well sell up now.
Lovely track, and I was happy with the drums too.

It’s a beautiful song! I left you a comment too.

Like someone else said, the drums are a bit out of place. the snare mainly, it’s a bit too forward in the mix I think but overall, this is a very professional sounding piece.