new song with bridges

Hi, early21 got me thinking when he said modern songs don’t seem to bother with bridges and suchlike so I decided to knock out this sloppy ballad complete with a few bridges…Kevin

Nice little recording. I would have liked the bass go down an octave at some point… and then some huge hair-band overdriven power-ballad guitars come in :laughing:

Hi twilightsong, thanks for listening, good notion regarding the bass, I did think about power chords but my last few songs featured them and thought maybe better to leave them out…ah well, can’t win em all, Kevin

Fair enough :sunglasses:

Yeah, I’d have liked the bass to drop an octave fairly early on too, specifically at 0:45.

I’m almost afraid to comment about the pitch correcting on the vocal :stuck_out_tongue: Most of the transitions sound fine, but there are points where you can hear the robotic effect that pitch correcting causes such as on the first “make love stay” transitioning to each word. If it’s not pitch correcting and something else causing it to sound that way I’d consider losing it. What happened at 2:40? It sound like it skipped or something.

I thought the melody and progression was good and flowed nicely. The space sounded good for the first verse/chorus, but I thought for the second verse there could have been some more instruments introduced to fill the sound leading into the next chorus.

Hi jonathan…not to worried about the pitch correction thingy because it’s part of pop culture now and I’m going with the flow…(on this song anyway)when it goes out of fashion…which is inevitable, I will stop using it… as per usual your right about extra instrumentation later in the song and gotta admit that being pushed like this is making me think harder about stuff during the production,(a good thing) hopefully it will filter through in my upcoming songs, thanks for taking the time to listen…had a listen at 2.40 and I think the bass comes in a bit loud…maybe that’s the problem there…Kevin

Yes, that is a good point, you shouldn’t be too worried about that. Besides it’s only those certain points where you can hear it, for the majority it’s not there or at least you can’t tell it is which is the same thing :stuck_out_tongue: I like your songwriting style so I hope you do push yourself with :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll take a listen to the new new new song you’ve posted after I return from lunch.

Seems like a good song with bridges and everything. Something is odd though. At 2:41 the whole song goes a little flat, and then at 3:32 it pops back up where it was. Like you spliced together two different recordings. Agree that the bass should go into a lower register.

Nothing gets past you early21…I did slice together two songs…exactly where you said…your ears never fail to impress !!!..I had two different versions but no project to go back to because untill now I never kept them so splicing was the only way I suppose…Jonathan spotted one of em…might try and fix it…thanks for looking in Kevin

Kevin, your songwriting and production is always really good. Your voice is really easy to listen to. My only niggle is the bass patch and a drum fill near the start.

Very cool!

Well, Kevin, I’m sure you can hear it, as one section is slightly flat off the other. You just hoped we wouldn’t notice! Anyway, it’s a good song. You ought to take the time to rebuild it into a single project.

thanks for the comment ( not sure about the production comment…got a way to go yet)and for taking time out to listen.

your right, I’m mind bogglingly lazy when it comes to this stuff…just seemed like an easier way to get a song done…gotta pull myself together…

this song would suit Enrique Iglesias … i never notice anything @ 2.40, lol .

thanks for that amazing comment…any idea how to get it to him ?..Kevin

good question. maybe ask the girl in your avatar to pass it on.

Ha HA…that’s my wife…

whoops soz.

No problem mate…Kevin