new song

Hi…just finished a clubby/dancy/pop type thingy, the vocal Jiggerypokery ( to use the technical term ) was done with Cubase vari audio, cheers, Kevin.


you’re just about there…1st listen looks like it could use a little more bottom end. nice tune!

Hi ferencz, yeah, it’s been said before on some of my other stuff…sounded ok at my end but I’ve only got baby Genelecs…so it seems I have to but what seems like way too much bass at this end for it to be right for other systems. can’t afford anything bigger at the mo…can I ask you what your listening on please ?, cheers, Kevin

Thought it was a really good song well recorded. Agree that the bottom end was light, both on my headphones and my monitors. Not really appreciating the Will.I.Am effect, but that is the style of auto tune you’re going after I guess.

Hi early21, it’s a popular effect at the mo so just thought I’d have a go at it, thanks for your comments on the song, got to sort out the bottom end thing, maybe I should get a subwoofer for my small Genelecs, cheers, Kevin

i think this is another fine recording, infact i envy ur results :wink:

thank you, your too kind…Kevin

I’m using M Audio StudioPhile BX8’s hooked into a Mackie 1604 VLZ Pro. My settings are flat both on the mixer and monitors. The monitors range down to either 32 or 40mhz so bass shouldn’t be a problem at all.

thanks for that info…much appreciated, I’ve got some M audio BX5’s that I don’t use…need to start checking my mixes on different speakers don’t I !!! or maybe the BX 5’s are not big enough…d’ya reckon getting the bass woofer for the Genelec 8020A’s ( yeah, they are little ) would do the job ?, cheers, Kevin