New song

New song, comments appreciated because that’s what’s got me this far…thanks, Kevin

Hi kevin,

I liked the sound of the guitar at the end. Sounded nice and big :slight_smile: There was a harmonic note at about 3:42 which kind of fades and I just felt like it needed to be held longer.

Maybe the second chorus could do with a bit more a lift to help the flow of the song. Other than that good job.


Wow Kevin, really good sound. I especially like the clever lyrics–they sound fantastic. But the best part is the dynamic contrast throughout the piece, which I have come to expect from you. :wink:

A fancier piano part would be great. It’s nice keeping it thin for ambience, but more of both hands playing (a light arping left hand) and less switching would complement the strings beautifully IMO at about 1.30ish.

Either way nice job, definitely enjoyed this one.

Great song Kevin. I turned on my Yamaha and started playing along with different synth sounds and pianos and I really like more piano fillings at the bass end, wish I can make a recording and send to you. Catchy song and great guitar work. Keep it coming. Michael.

Hi bane/mfox…thanks for the comments and I agree regarding the piano, problem is I can not play the piano so that’s why it’s lacking in that area, would love to be able to put a more interesting piano part on it…Kevin

Nice song again Kevin ,yeh I like the guitar solo ,but there seems to be something missing from the track , it doesn’t seem quite finished yet. I think Michael might have hit upon something or it might need some more rhythm guitar parts maybe acoustic i don`t know .all the same nice.

When reviewing/critiquing songs here at, I’m frequently torn by the impulse to analyze the creator’s artistic choices, and the innate desire to respect them. Because in the end, the main thing is, did the song work on its own terms, or not? In this case, the song most certainly does work as it is. :sunglasses:

However, I would have done some decidedly different things when mixing this; I’ll leave to you whether to view my suggestions as pushing you towards a more “commercial” sound, or leading you to just a more effective sound. I say this because I read a LOT of suggestions here at that reveal that people have become accustomed to certain sounds, song patterns, and treatments that one usually finds in music created for mass consumption. I’m not faulting them; we all have adopted certain norms and orthodoxies from our years of listening to records and the radio. I hope that makes sense

My main gripes on this otherwise worthy tune is that the low end is just kind of lost in there. I hear all kinds of ambience around the kick, and the EQ on it only makes things worse – it sounds slappy, distant, and weak. At times I hear the bass fine, then at others I don’t hear it at all.

Another nice one from Kevin. Thanks. I agree with the bass comment from Twilightsong. Since it’s just three chords, maybe you could give the bass a little more motion. Also, I notice what I think are vocal tuning corrections that are not so smooth, and I think you could fix the splice at 3:53.

Hi twilightsong…the reason for that is I’m a crap producer, trying to learn more about production but don’t particularly like it, I reckon those guy’s in the 60’s etc had it easy…strum your song to a producer and he /her and their team takes over…brilliant, thanks for your input, it’s always appreciated…Kevin

My main gripes on this otherwise worthy tune is that the low end is just kind of lost in there. I hear all kinds of ambience around the kick, and the EQ on it only makes things worse – it sounds slappy, distant, and weak. At times I hear the bass fine, then at others I don’t hear it at all.[/quote]

Hi early21, thanks for your comments but regarding the “splice”… there isn’t one, there is no pitch correction on this song, I think what your hearing is a break/crack in my voice, I worked hard at getting the vox done without pitch correction and my intention in future is to use less and less of it,regarding the other stuff…my production skills :laughing: seem to have flatlined at the mo, i need to spend more time learning but just don’t like it, cheers… Kevin

Maybe I don’t mean splice or autotune. Just say at 1:52 where a note starts on one pitch and jumps to another pitch. Maybe it’s a comp? I’m not against those… would just cross-fade them. Is that a crack in your voice? And at 3:52, I don’t know what that little noise is. Sounded like a splice but a comp using lanes would be the same thing. Probably listening too hard. Love your voice, by the way!

Yeah, had a listen at 1.52…that is really annoying when i end up sounding like I’ve used autotune…damn !!!

Hi Kevin, nice song and singing. Maybe would be nice to have some nylon string guitar on this.


agreed…but strumming is as good as it gets with me…I’m assuming you mean picking guitar work…Kevin

I like the tune, Kevin. Good job on the drum programming, too. It’s smooth and generally transparent.
I was thinking it needed more in low end overall - you should try adding more lows to the bass and kick drum
using high pass filters to zero in on the precise frequencies you want to boost.
Is that EZ Drummer? EZ has very good sounding drums right outta the box - but while I like the programming, the drums are a bit thin and distant sounding. Did you add any reverb to the kit? Any additional eq?

Hi lenny, thanks for the comments, it is ezdrummer and I always have trouble getting the bottom end right, in fact I’m struggling with a song now in the bottom end region, maybe it’s because I’ve got small Genelec speakers…or more likely it’s because I’m a useless producer :confused: there is a bit of reverb on the snare and some eq but not much, like you said the drums sound ok as is…if I put too much bottom on a kick it blasts out of my Genelecs so I turn it down and that’s probably the problem…what are you listening on? and I’m happy :smiley: that you think the drum programming is ok…got summat right…Kevin

First, turn your monitors down. Next, watch your levels, during both tracking and mixing. Let US turn it up, if we want to.

Bass sounds better, but I still don’t like the kick. It sounds like you’re processing (adding reverb) to the entire kit. There should be a way to route the kick to its own output from Easy Drummer. If so, leave that channel mostly dry, if not entirely so. Then you can EQ and process it by itself

Don’t fret, you WILL get there. Your recordings remind me a bit of Sherz’s, who songs, when I first heard them, had a charm all their own, despite his average mixing skills. Today he’s probably the best mixer around here… plus, the charm remains