New songs

It has been a while since I have been on this forum. Over a year.
I have gotten a few new songs done in that time.

Here is a blues rock piece called “Psycho Ex” with my wife singing. This one was a good opportunity to try out a new bass I got at the end of 2015, as well as to use my Crybaby wah and PRS McCarty guitar.

Here I tried my hand at a slow, minor key jazz blues. Playing over changes has always been difficult for me. This is “Blues for Feliz”.

Here is a piece I think turned out quite well. A blues rock with my PRS guitar through a Crybaby wah, as in “Pshycho Ex” above, and with organ (NI B4 II). Live drums on this song as well. We miked the kit up in my living room. This one is called “Last Days Blues”.

A blues for guys like me who work day jobs and dream of playing music all the time. This one and the last song were good opportunities to try out my Fulltone Catalyst pedal, which I hadn’t recorded anything with until then. Live drums on this one also. This one is “Basement Bluesman”.

Guitar tone purists will hate me. I played the slow jazz blues and the last two blues rock songs through my Peavey Wiggy solid state amp. It’s a really nice sounding amp IMO.

Here is one that started as a blues, became a ballad, retained the 12 bar blues form however, and pays homage to the tone and playing of one of my long time favorite guitarists. It’s called “Heart and Intellect”.

A friend had been bugging me to let him sing on a song. So I set him up with a soundcloud page, and he’s sung on a few songs I’ve written that I decided were a little too risque for my page.
Here’s a blues piece he sang on called “Craig’s List Lover”.

Another one by this friend of mine. This one ended up being somewhat of an experiment, as I wanted it to be a blues, yet I wanted to incorporate an exotic, far East sound. This is “Oriental Flower”.

Seven in a year is pretty impressive to me! Nice guitar tones and playing, especially with the wah. My brother in law is waiting for a McCarty sunburst PRS; yours sounds good. Great Trower-like driving rhythym on Last Days Blues.

Although you say you struggle with playing over changes, I liked your playing on Blues for Feliz - very jazzy choices. Interesting what you say about the Peavey amp; I thought it sounded good. I used to have a Peavey MX many years ago that had a solid state preamp, and I thought that had a good sound.


Listened to them all, good sounds on the guitar, and I really appreciate the live drummer. Maybe that Oriental Flower is a little PC these days, but hey, you’re from the 70’s. I do think the guitar tones are quite good, so keep recording the way you are doing!

Thanks. They have come quite a way since my first attempts. I used to record guitar parts direct through Sansamp and other direct recording preamps. It was a necessity because I lived in a multi unit building.
I use Amplitube on direct tracks occasionally, and it sounds good, but I’m getting the best recorded tones I’ve ever gotten miking up loud guitar cabs these days, and then treating them with Nomad Factory MAGNETIC and Slate VCC or T Racks EQ73.

Guitars sounds very nice, good fat tone. I like it .And all other instuments and vocals also have nice tone and sound quality.
For my subjective opinion sometimes in some mixes more bass on the front in relation with other instuments or massive and busy intro, but it is matter of the personal taste.

Good job!

Thanks for share it!

Well if tone purists hate u they’ll burn me at the stake, I use a line 6 flex tone 3 but I use amplitude these days when I record, every tone suited the song it was used on, can’t ask for more than that, I liked ur friend to, think I need a Craig’s list lover too :laughing: