New Sony 360 VME

Did anyone see this new product (still in beta) at the Mix Film virtual event.

Looks like a game changer for folks doing any kind of Post in a small studio.

Don’t bother looking up on Google. It’s THAT new.

There MUST have been some Nuendo users who attended the Mix Film and TV event.

Hey Robert,
Yes, I attended the event, the VME is certainly a game changer for how we work. Normally we are editng/mixing in our small(ish) studio and then doing final mix at night in our local IMAX theatre or Themed Attraction location. I’ve emailed the folks at Sony about availability and have been told that we’re on their list of people to contact when it’s available, but that’s all we know for now.

Here’s hopin’!

It sounds really, really interesting. But I’m very curious on the CPU load and what kind of headphones to use with it.

Any updates please post it here.

Best, Alan

Well the demo guy from Sony at the event Said the cpu load was low and they had a Protools plugin as well as a stand alone app. Currently it’s only working on a beta version of a new headphone from Sony. The biggest downside is that you actually have to be IN THE THEATER for them to creat a profile for you because they put the mics IN YOUR EARS. Everyone’s ears are shaped differently and this helps make it so accurate. It will be interesting to see how they can overcome that last bit to make it practical for the intended market. The potential to be a game changer is there but there are some hurdles. They probably would have kept it under wraps if it wasn’t for Covid.

Oh! So then that’s exactly what AKG did in the early 90ies already, for their trailblazing BAP-1000 device (BAP for “Binaural Audio Processor”). I still own one, plus the corresponding K-1000.