New Steinberg and 3rd-Party Sample Libraries for H5 ?


Now that Halion 5 is here, it would be awesome if Steinberg, and third-party sample developers would offer new Sample Libraries for Halion 5.

i.e. I would love to see Steinberg offer Halion Symphonic Orchestra 2, and other new sample libraries for H5. also the Grand 4, Guitars, More World Instruments, Film Sound Scapes and Pads, Choirs … etc.


I would of thought Steinberg are planning something on the HSO’2 lines after announcing this

Supply follows demand, therefore the question is more ‘what do people want’?’

Porting an existing library takes time & therefore money, developing from scratch for a target platform costs even more. Any 3rd party developer thinking about it needs to know there’s a clear demand and market there before they dip their toes in the water.

Perhaps using this thread for requests might help 3rd party devs know where to start, or a poll might be useful perhaps.

imho. one of the primary factors that makes a Sampler popular is the available amount of libraries it has going for it. Since Halion 5 has so many great features. It is just natural to see more sample libraries offered for it, by both Steinberg, and Third-Party sample developers.

Take a look at Kontakt, if they did not have all these third-party libraries available, since NI licenses Kontakt to third-party developers, Kontakt would have not been what it is today… It is surely very popular because of the abundent, high quality sample libraries it supports.

Now, back to Halion 5, and Steinberg. Halion 5 is a fantastic sampler, but lacks the sample library content that Kontakt offers, so … solution is : Steinberg needs to move their behinds, and begin making it attractive for third-party sample developers to use Halion 5 to develop new, diverse, and high-quality libraries for it. They have to start somewhere, and this is a good time for Steinberg to get the ball rolling. Otherwise, I don’t see it flourishing to its real potential.

Hopefully Steinberg will be wise, and take Halion 5 to the next level … Namely : Offer Lots of libraries (both themselves and via third-party developers).


What HALion 5 going for it as well, is all the abundant synth engines included. Kontakt is great for sample libraries, but HALion has the potential to be great at sample libraries AND synth engine patches, for all the many synths includes. 3rd party developers could make patches for just particular synths found within HALion 5, or they could do an assortment across the whole board. I too think it is a shame more developers aren’t focusing more on HALion, because not only are they losing out, but the customer base in general.

Steinberg does put out Instrument sets too however, they have 5-6 out already and with HALion 5 just being released, they already included a few more instruments in there, which can only get better with more content from future updates, or sales of further Instrument set sales. The x.5 upgrades from Steinberg are usually pretty good, so when HALion 5.5 comes out, we may get lucky there on new synth engines, patches, features etc.

I for one am in heads first with HALion and will never take my head out of the sand on this one. All other samplers and instruments have been removed from my system and I can reliably stick with Cubase 7 and HALion 5 for 100% of my productions without issue. Throw in my personal sample collection, with my UAD plugins and I am set for good. I see no need to deal with options anxiety with so many choices when HALion 5 and Cubase 7 work fantastic just as they are. Stable, fast, great plugins and features and only more to come!

to be honest on the Sample Player Site of HALion for traditional Librarys like Strings , Choirs etc for 3rd party developer it lacks so many features what other Player has to offer , that i think its very unatractive for traditional 3rd party sample developer ! and also HALion are not that much popular (its definetly a shame) , 3rd party developer would make many many less money considering to the recording and licensing costs etc etc

ok we have the feature request (but that are user requests not really from 3rd developer´s site and also everytime from the same people which find some things what are very useful for HALion , but i also think the Thread are to hidden from the outside world) , but its on steinberg to implement and to make it atractive for traditional 3rd party sample developer !

well , we see when HALion 5.5 or HALion 6 comes out

what said here above are my personal opinion

I can’t agree with you on that , you are talking about sample players ,the thing that makes a true sampler popular is the ability to manipulate a sound ans save it as your own .
Is a large sample library what made the akai “s” series popular ? I think people in our days have lost their way with the term “Sampler” .I don’t want some “designer” sound set that has been made by someone else what I want is true functionality and that to me is worth its weight in gold.

I also think that people have become to lazy now " if a can buy it it saves making it" . back in the early days we didn’t have such laziness if you wanted a sound you either sampled it yourself or hired someone to play what ever it is you wanted , but now with all these factory samples we expect the sound we want already made .if someone doesn’t want to purchase hailon 5 because "billy bongo and the amazing samples that everyone uses " are not available on this format then it’s their lose really im happy if halion only came with one preset … my own

Will you be sampling a big orchestra by section in Halion 5 ?

Yes, I agree, Halion 5 is a great sampler, but Kontakt 5 is a sampler as well (not just a sample player) and it has a huge amount of sample libraries available for it, yet you can always use Kontakt 5 for producing your own sampled instruments.

Seriously, I see no point in not having a healthy amount of professionally sampled libraries for Halion 5. Although I can always enjoy sampling some of my studio instruments, or other interesting sounds using Halion 5, but that’s not my primary task. Sample Developers have the time, know how, and resources to produce sample libraries especially complex, and demanding instruments. Especially Orchestral !

Sorry muzik I edited at the same time .

No I don’t need to sample orchestration ,that has already been done by me a few years ago with my hardware S6000’s which to me gives me the pride of knowing I created those samples and not using “2 for a penny” type samples in our days , seriously where is this all going to end if everyone using the same samples in the same sampler with the same soundcards and plugin’s , that is not an individual style ,everything will sound the same and more to the point BORING .

Steinberg have come up with one hell of a tool and all people are concerned about is being able to load someone elses sound … the worlds gone mad :astonished: ( or is it me :laughing: )

deadlines for scoring etc has becomes very very short these days and you did not have the time these days to record something by you own you want to do !

if you make Music just as a Hobby or different Music Genres where you have and find the time , thats another thing !

Then you use the appropriate tool for you job . Halion 5 as said by Steinberg is a “sound creation system” and a bloody good one .If scoring and meeting deadlines you use your tried and trusted libraries for which there are thousands out there now . Sorry I just can’t get my head around people buying a sound creation tool and then asking for libraries ,to me that defeating the object ,you might as well just use halion 2

unfortunately i needs to do , but i would like bymyselves to do all in one in HALion 5

agree here , true that

unfortunately you didn´t get the point and exactly this is one of the reason why HALion are not popular and attractive enough for alot of people and 3rd party developer !

but everyone has its own and can have its own point of view

No your right I don’t get the point because if as you say your on a time schedule the last thing you would want to be using is a sound creation system , you would want the be using a player instead but H5 isn’t designed for that purpose .People like yourself I would have thought the better option would be to ask for HS2 to import H5 sounds and third party libraries and use the macro’s . I still don’t understand your argument , you don’t have the time to use the features but it still wants to use H5 which is a sound creation system as a player seems like a pointless exercise to me . And btw im not an “it”

Guess the marketing department wasn’t paying attention then. :wink:

Composers and musicians
HALion 5 offers a complete range of world-class acoustic, electric and electronic instrument sounds along with a wealth of drums, effects and more — all in a powerful yet inexpensive instrument that appeals to composers and session musicians alike. > For all those who focus on making music rather than fiddling with synth parameters, HALion 5 is simply a dream come true. > The included studio-quality library features up to 20 articulations per instrument for natural-sounding productions and covers an enormous range of styles: all the way from finest detailed acoustic instruments to legendary synthesizers, club sounds and soundscapes, from ultra-realistic acoustic drum kits to the latest electronic beats.

hahaha oh dear , well whats the point of that , they could of said that about HS2 , what a load of crap , a sound creation system designed for you not to fiddle with it’s parameters :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

The point is they try to aim at different professions with one tool: Producers, composers/musicians and sounddesigners. Every target group has its own wishes. For composers it can be more libraries for producers it can be extensive sampling manipulation or loop functions and for sounddesigners it can be extensive sound creation possibilities.

I can understand that but I think Steinberg needs to make up it’s mind on that comment , you either have a workstation that’s cpu hungry and use it for sound design or it’s a waste of money basically and a lot more cpu hungry than a lot of other players out there .
HS2 needs to be able to import H5 presets and then the sound designers can flow on H5 and the composers can flow on hs2 and what ever library’s they like .
The whole thing about 3rd party libraries should of been asked for in hs2 really and not for H5

[… one more time …]

I think it would be great if you could create .vstsound files using H5 that were playable in HALion Sonic SE. It would be the opposite to Native Instruments … with them you get a free player, but have to pay for the libraries, and if you get a free library, it will only play in the full version of Kontakt.

HSSE comes with all editions of Cubase, so Steinberg already have an almost “free” player in the form of Cubase LE, and if there was a community-contributed free library for HSSE it would be a huge incentive for people to try out Cubase, and consequently HSSE and H4.

I think it’s a rather interesting move to focus on a broader audience. The lines between the different professions is getting thiner and thiner these days. A lot of musicians also produce and create their own sounds for instance. The fact you are able to modify a library at sample level is a big plus over Halionsonic and gives you the possibility to modify the base material to something completely different. The fact Halion has it’s own synth engine to build sounds from scratch is great tool for sound designers but also for producers.

The hardest part is to keep everybody happy when you target three groups with one product. A risk can be the implemented tools are mediocre instead of top notch compared to separate products that are aimed at doing one kind of task and are being developed by dedicated teams.

well , in HS2 you are Limited to Libraries which are made by Steinberg only , it even lacks features like a simple sample import and sample mapping , you can´t even import other Formats into HS2 ! if you need this simple features User are forced to buy HALion (ok you can buy other samplers instead) ! alot of Composer layering different Libraries together etc , you can´t do that easy with HS2 !