New Steinberg Controller at Winter NAMM 2013 ?


I wonder if Steinberg will introduce a new controller this Winter NAMM 2013 ?

A new controller that is geared for Project Studios, with multiple faders, buttons, solid construction, great looking LED display/s , …etc.

I feel this is badly needed. Hopefully a new Steinberg/YAMAHA controller for Cubase/Nuendo will surface at Winter NAMM 2013.

Would be good to sort out the old one first. :wink:

Not sure about a controller but some new hardware for sure.


Well… It’s March 2016 !

Would love it if Yamaha/Steinberg would announce a new Control Surface, that is targeted towards Project-Studios, basically a Nuage-Junior, with no audio interface, just a very high-quality, super cool looking, with 9 or more faders, Control-Surface to be used with Cubase Pro 8.5 and make it compatible with some of the other very popular DAWs these days.

Will this happen in 2016 ?

Come on … YAMAHA/Steinberg, give us a Nuage-Junior , this will be so popular, and a huge success for all of us !

Please… Just Do It :slight_smile:



Some successor to the CC121 is definitely needed!

Believe it or not, It is almost mid-2016 and nothing from Yamaha/Steinberg as far as a new Control Surface.

I started this topic three years ago ! Oh… My.

Did they just give up on making these things ? (Not talking about the Nuage).

I would see a new one as well.

It’s 2018 now…and I still wish the CMC series wasn’t discontinued AND something like a Nuage Jr. or even Behringer’s X-fade made by Steinberg would be amazing. I’d pay $1,000 for something like that…just saying

HAha… I have been mostly using Studio One Pro 3.5 with a Fader Port 8 all from Presonus, and they work great together. Studio One has an amazingly fast, and fluid workflow, which is why I’m loving it a lot. It is super snappy, and starts in a fraction of the time Cubase Pro 9 takes to start.

I have lost hope in Steinberg making a decent Controller.

I wish they didn’t discontinue cmc either I got cmc-fd with my copy of Cubase 7 and really enjoy using it kind of wish I got the others because now any of them you can find used are really expensive $150 +