New Steinberg Video Tutorial Bundle (Save 43%)

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Get our SWA Complete Cubase 6, HALion 4 | In Depth, & Fast Approach to Padshop for only $39.95 for all 3 tutorials (a value of $69.89).

SWA Complete Cubase 6

Cubase 6 Complete provides more than two hours of tutorials that build on the Quick Start videos that came with Cubase 6. Your purchase of SWA Complete Cubase 6 includes checklists, jacket templates, key maps and more, plus two free demo projects to work with.

These videos are intended for the intermediate to advanced Cubase User in the project or professional studio environment, or the home enthusiast who wants to get professional results in less time and fully utilize everything Cubase 6 has to offer.

HALion 4 | In Depth

The latest incarnation of Steinberg’s ever powerful virtual sampler instrument brings a wealth of improvements, new features and functions that take this sampler to the next level. All this power it might be easy to get overwhelmed, enter Streamworks Audio’s HALion 4 | In Depth. Instructor’s Donna Hanson and Walter Hunnicutt (instructors of SWA Complete Cubase 6 and SWA Complete Reason 5) will walk you through the vast feature set of this almighty sampler instrument, providing clear concise understanding of the topics at hand.

SWA Fast Approch to Padshop

With the release of Steinberg’s Cubase 6.5 comes a couple of efficacious software synthesizers, and one of these is the new Granular Synth Padshop. Streamworks Audio’s In Depth tutorial on Steinberg latest, greatest synth is as comprehensive as the instrument itself. Padshop is a potent Granular Synthesizer in which your host and instructor Jeff Quebe takes you into the heart of and brings to light all that one can get out of this unique and amazing software synth.

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I would also like to add that we are aware some may feel that we are breaking the rules here on the Steinberg forums by posting spam. As it may appear this way, I assure you that Streamworks Audio has a professional partnership with Steinberg Media Technologies and have received the correct authorization to post information regarding our Steinberg based products. Thank you for your understanding.

I ordered the Cubase 6 bundle on July 28, 2012 and paid with my Visa card. When I tried to download the bundle the download failed. I tried with IE, Firefox and Safari - all without success. Apparently the server hosting the download is offline. I have sent three help desk tickets to Streamworks to get help. Two weeks have passed and so far I have received no reply from Streamworks. Has anyone else experienced a download problem with this non-responsive company?

I was finally contacted by Streamworks today. They apparently lost(?) my tickets. It turns out that the Cubase 6 bundle, which is 2 GB, is too large for their server to download. They provided me with a link to a ZIP file which I downloaded successfully.

The courses are M4 videos and a brief review of all three showed them to be of excellent quality. It was worth the wait to get them. Hopefully Streamworks get their technical problems sorted out.