New stick E liscencer and cubase SL3

Hi all, im using cubase SL3 since year 2006 i Think. it’s a great software. I just have a question , i use cubase sl3 with an E liscencer stick from 2006.
I think i have to buy a new security stick after all these years especially if i break mine, i dont want to be with no daw just because the stick broke. sorry for my pitfull english.
My question is, is the new security stick ,the smaller one, compatible with cubase SL3? If yes gow should i do to use it ? do I have to register on the net or it would just be used as the same way i used old my security stick? I just install the cubase SL3 DVD then the E liscencer control then the drivers and everything works without any internet activation. Just wondering because i dlike to have a spare stick in case mine broke, i always use it on a laptop while travelling.
Thanks to all for the answer.

Hi! Yes, the USB-eLicensers are all compatible with each other. Using a Cubase SL 3 license on the latest revision will work.
If the old USB-eLicenser still works, connect them both to the system, open the eLicenser Control Center (it may be required to download a newer version from here: and then drag and drop the license to the new USB-eLicenser. For this process, you’ll need an internet connection. But it would be sufficient to install the eLicenser Control Center on any other system to do the license transfer and then go back to the DAW.
If the USB-eLicenser is already broken or lost, the Steinberg Zero Downtime would be used instead:

Thank you for your answer, its still works but there are some cracks on the sides… i will buy a new one then!
Thanks a lot for your fast answer.