New swing feature options

Just downloaded Dorico 2.1, really excited about the new features!

I’m wondering if the new swing feature can be configured to affect 16th notes instead of 8th notes? I have a piece where I would like 16th note pairs to be played 2:1.

No, at the moment the swing affects only eighths (quavers). Since we built 2.1 we have made a further improvement that will handle the special case of a beat that consists of an eighth followed by two sixteenths, which will not be swung in 2.1 but will be swung in future.

When you want 16ths swung in your piece, presumably you do not want 8ths swung?

Correct, the 8ths would not be swung if the 16ths are.

I have seen the following notation next to a metronome mark to denote a strict 2:1 ratio between pairs of 8th and 16th notes. The top example is now possible in playback, and the notation can be created with a graphic or maybe text. I hope the bottom example can be played back in the future.

Yes, we certainly plan to add those kinds of indicators for swing in future (you just get a signpost for now). We’ll definitely talk about whether we can support swung 16ths in the future, too.

Just being playing around with it - piano only. I’ve tried it at low and high tempos and ramped it up from low to high and back again in the same pieces.

First impressions: It sounds great. Really good. A lovely new addition to Dorico. I don’t think you could have done it any better.

Nice to see that it’s signposted although I think if it’s set in the Play Options that doesn’t happen. Personally I can see myself using Shift-T rather than the Play Options route.

ETA: Also came across the little blue bar to left of the item on the Play Page. Thanks for that, it makes finding out where the handles to enlarge the view for those items are so much easier.

Yes please! Also, there are definitely scenarios where one would want the ability to have both swung eights and sixteenths in the same arrangement.
Still, enjoying the update as usual! :slight_smile:

But not swung 8ths and 16ths at the same time, right? You would have 8ths swung for a section, then 16ths swung for a section.

Most commonly perhaps yes, but still, something like a medium slow composition with an 8th note swing based bassline, having a melody playing swung 16th’s on top, would hardly make it to the top list of major post rehearsal conversation topics…!

16th shuffle is a must for a future upgrade, indeed.
I can’t think of any real-world example in wich 8th note would be swung at same time of 16th.

Honestly, neither can I at the moment…! :smiley:
Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone would present something like this:
Skärmavbild 2018-08-17 kl. 08.35.46.png
and instructing the player(s) to play both the 8th’s and 16th’s with some kind of swing feel.

I absolutely agree, it is not very common, and I can certainly live without it in my scoring software. But it’d be nice feature to experiment with. And in a case like the attached, just adding a light swing feel to the melody would make it sound more human/alive, I think.

New swing features – great.

I notice that the ‘rhythmic feel’ signpost has a property called Swing, switched off by default, which offers a text field. I can’t immediately figure out what this property is for, nor can I see it in the documentation. Can you advise?

Unless it is a placeholder for a future implementation of this:

It’s nominally for changing the swing pattern used by that rhythmic feel item, but it should show a drop-down listing the presets from the current project.

I don’t know if I should start a new thread or not.

Dorico crashes whenever I enter a sequence of letters that is not part of a valid preset. Example attached. If I enter any other letter than “G”, Dorico shuts down suddenly.
The bug can easily be avoided by looking at suggestions first, but…I don’t think a typo should give this catastrophic result! :mrgreen:

Apologies for this. I’ve just fixed it and it’ll be in the next release.

Should I be concerned, then, that it doesn’t (at present)?

I don’t think it’s worth getting worked up about, no!

I will respond to that empty text field with a zen-like calm.

The 2.1 blog says

“to change rhythmic feel at any point in the flow (via the Shift+T popover), to have some players swinging while others are straight, to tweak the swing presets, and more.”

As far as I can tell, the Shift+T flags affect all instruments simultaneously. I cannot find any reference to a method for swinging individual players.

This is important, of course, because everybody knows French horn players can’t swing. :slight_smile:

Also the video says the flag can be put at any rhythmic position. Technically that is true, but it seems to take effect only at the next bar line.

Have you tried closing the Shift-T popover with Alt-Enter?
I haven’t, but my guess is that the Shift-T popover works the same way as the Shift-M and Shift-K popovers in this respect.

It is correct that you enter instrument-specific swings by confirming the Shift-T popover by typing Alt+Enter. It’s also correct that swing changes are currently limited to once per bar, taking effect from the start of the bar.