now I ´ve bought 7.5 .

I have to get a new platform. Win 8 or IMAC i5 - that´s a question in price and/or performance.
Which platform is more reliable?
are there any performance comparisions?
How many extra parts do I have to buy seperately (e.g. for my Yamaha n12 =>IEEE1394 - FW400)
Who has already embedded the Yamaha n12 into the 7.5 version

Budget: 1.600,-€
Means either:
IMAC i5, 3,2,16GB, 1TB, Thunderbolt-Adapter FW400 (Belkin or others)
WIN i7, 4790, 32GB, 2TB+SSD oder Fusion, IEEE-PCIe-Card

former System:
MAC G5ppc.6GB, Yamaha n12,

Thanks a lot, guys :smiley:
Cheers, Frank

…and now for the Germans :blush:
ich bin jetzt auch Besitzer von C7.5!

Ich muss mir einen neuen Rechner kaufen. Welches System sollte ich mir anschaffen?
Wo läuft das System stabiler?
Wie ist die Performance im Vergleich?
ggf. welche HW-Teile brauche ich noch zusätzlich?
Wie binde ich mein Yamaha n12 ein? (Thunderbolt-Adapter / VIA IEEE1394 => FW400)

Budget: 1.600,-€
IMAC i5, 3,2,16GB, 1TB, Thunderbolt-Adapter FW400 (Belkin o.ä.)
WIN i7, 4790, 32GB, 2TB+SSD oder Fusion, IEEE-Karte

MAC G5ppc.6GB, Yamaha n12,

Danke für Eure Hilfe!!! :smiley:
LG Frank

Can’t say exactly what is best for you. In general, if you want the most performance for least amount of money, then the win 8.1 PC way will be the way to go. The major difference is not in the hardware components, but in the OS software. Since you already have a Mac OS computer, you have to decide if it would benefit you, to buy another faster Mac computer, and save you the trouble on going from Mac plugins & software to windows plugins and software ?!

From the amount of money you mention, you can buy some great, fast PC hardware components. I can see, that you’ve already picked out a few core components pieces. I7 4790 would also be my choice for a super fast, but still affordable cpu. And then I’ve read much good about the Asus Z97 motherboards, which has very low DPC latency values out of the box with standard drivers installed. That would be my way to go, but I’m also a windows PC man :wink:

I don’t know the Mac prices, but you should be able to get one of the amount of money you have. You have to decide between the OS versions, what you like best. And also, if it would benefit you in any way, to stay on Mac OS because of you Mac plugins.

The stability is not really an issue on both platform, unless you have some bad software installed. You’ll probably need to buy a PCIe firewire card (probably with TI chipset) - as you say for the windows PC. Not sure if onboard FW stuff can be used. For the Mac, I’m not sure about FW & the Yamaha n12, but it could be working just fine out of the box. Check up on it by searching on google, what FW interface would work with the Yamaha.