New Tab In the "Lower Zone" that hosts the GUI of the currently selected VST Instrument

Hello guys, I hope you’re all making money and being creative! I’ve missed being here.
I want to suggest a new tab in the lower zone area that host the GUI of the currently selected plugin and it’s scrollable so no matter how big is your favorite vst you can scroll it. Mine is groove agent se since, I make sample based music.

1- we don’t have to keep the plugin gui open and hide the arrangement. it will be available to switch to with a click of a button on the new tab called (instrument control)
2- if you’re working in the note editor you can go back and forth between the GUI and the note editor easily.
3- in case you drag alot of samples from the right zone to groove agent for example it would be very easy, like dragging to the sampler track which I actually found very easy to do. So it’s same method.


Add the optional feature-request tag to your post, please.

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Sounds like a good idea to me.:+1:

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Hey Martin sorry I didn’t see your post until now I see that you added it thank you I won’t forget to do that Next time!