New tag v3.7.0_build_116

Hi guys

I noticed that a new tag [v3.7.0_build_116] was added to the github repo pointing to a slightly different version than the “latest” tag: vstsdk370_31_07_2020_build_116

Is this a new naming scheme for tags? It also weird that 2 tags somewhat representing the same release (3.7.0 build 116) are pointing to different commits (even if the more recent commit seems to be just updated docs)


Good question - and speaking of the tags, would it be possible to tag the releases in base, pluginterfaces and public.sdk accordingly?
We’re only pulling these submodules into our build system, seeing the tags there would be very helpful.

Sorry for the confusion, we are currently changing the naming scheme and it looks like there we did a mistake.
And adding the tags to the other submodules is added to our TODO list.