New tempo = shifts midi notes - help!

oh boy I am kinda lost here and maybe just overlook the correct setting.
I got a reference track and read out the tempo to my tempo track.
It’s kind of wacky now and I like to straighten the tempo to a fixed beat.

When I do that all midi notes shift as well. They should stay in playce of the beat of course which they don’t.
This is like my reference-temp-track tempo automation looks like:

This is how my midi composition tracks look like in part:

Now when I set the tempo to a straight 120bpm, all midi gets shifted:

I need to bind the midi to the beat and not the time somehow

If it’s doing what you describe the track must be in linear time base, whereas it should be in musical time base


yes I found it now as well. For some reason the icon was gone so I did not notice that all tracks have been created TIME based.
I also found a LogicalEditor preset to switch all to musical, THANK YOU !!

You’re welcome! You might also check in the prefs dialog for the default.

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