New test with Halion Symphonic Orchestra

Opening Credits piece for a Thriller indipendent movie

…i’m in really in love with halion symphonic Orchestra…

hope you like it!


very nice work with HSO

A moody and dark piece…creates a sense of trepidation…which it’s supposed to do so well written…regarding the halion symphonic orch…I downloaded the trial but just could not find the damn thing anywhere…so gave up…any pointers would be appreciated…Kevin

Good piece. HSO is definitely cool; I wish there were a version 2! There are so many good libraries out there like VSL and EWQL’s that you sometimes wonder if Steinberg every just decides to stop and turn their focus to their DAW softwares and controllers.

Either way, nice for a demo you left me wanting more…

Nice job. Thanks for sharing

I don’t have HSO, but… I also wish Steinberg would offer Halion Symph. Orchestra 2 in the near future ! Which would be wonderful to have.

So far Steinberg has not delivered HSO2, and has not indicated if they are planning, or already producing HSO2.

Kind of a bummer if they have decided to not offer HSO2.

Hopefully they will.


definitely evokes emotions ,it reminds me of the old “world at war” series which first came out here years ago and is shown here in britain nearly all the time now on the various TV channels . your music would slot into that type of program nicely.i like the sparse melody`s . well done

Thanks to all for your comments!

Shadofax: mmm … but 'I do not understand: you downloaded HSO but you can not play?

Bane:You’re right. I believe that HSO has a sound unique. Sure, you have to have experience to properly edit the midi tracks to give expression and feeling … However, steinberg should pay a little more attention to their flagship products and update them rather than leave them to themselves. In any case, I was lucky enough to earn something with music, but I will never change HSO library for other expensive library … I do not change the path of luck;-)

Musiksculp: I also think that Steinberg would have happened to publish a very nice sequel to HSO … maybe with some orchestral effect

Firestamper: Thanks …I really appreciate! This is final version…i made some changes:


I really liked that. Very good. I REALLY liked those key changes. Very dramatic. The mix sounded good to my ears.

Has the track be taken down as the link does not work ??

Try the second link. :wink:

Ta Bane.


Thats a good piece of music and very conducive and complimentary to a thriller type of movie. Lots of ‘modal transposition’ of the Aeolian Scale !! The ultra low note a few seconds into the piece really sets the whole (dark and twisted) thing up !!

i wanted to ask though please, i was looking to purchase the HALion Symphony Orchestra package earlier this year (i have HALion SE and HALion Sonic already) but i just could not seem to find it on the Steinberg website. i can only find HALion Sonic. Has it been discontinued or renamed, or am i just being stupid !! lol :confused:



Here is the link for the permanent activation of the trial.
I am not sure the VST Sound Instrument Set version of HSO was ever available outside of being a trial.
If you don’t have the install disks with the trial on them, I am not sure how to get the media.

Thanks a lot Jaslan,

i am confused here though !!

Does it mean that HALion Symphonic Orchestra is already within Cubase and that there is therefore no download required, just an Activation Code to access the library ?? And that i have to pay 82GBP to buy this code ??

As far as i am aware, i was never given any option of trying out a Trial Period Version of the HALion Symphonic Orchestra library ??

Hope that someone can advise me (and Galaxi does not mind me asking these questions on his thread).



links not working for me

Just tried it and it seems to be ok mate ??