New to C 8.5, but can't open it with bridged p-u

Hi to all…
After licences issues, I have yet to manage to open C8.5.

But it crashes everytime on plug in set list at start up.
It launches trying to read by default all my C5 (I was on 5.5.3) settings.
You may think you would to add them constructing your set up. Since it crashes everytime on (at least so far for all I know) my folder for JBridged plug in (I’m running W7 64 and still use many 32 bit plug ins).
A crash will not exclude a plug in, it will try over and over to incorporate it.

Is there any way to run bridged plug in ?

Do I miss some setting ?

Any insight ? I still can’t even open Cubase 8.5, which quite affects the interest of it !
The only way is to deactivate any 32 bit plug in that is bridged.