New to CB9 and having some issues......

Ok here’s my story…I had CB4 for quite a while but got to the point where I didn’t use it at all because my computer really got bogged down with large files. So…I finally began the daunting task (for me) of switching everything over to a new system. New computer, (supposedly fast as lightening) new software CB9Pro, new interface Presonus Studio 192.

I finally have it all up and running but I am having some problems.

  1. When recording gtar tracks, I hear the original dry signal in the monitors and I don’t know how to turn this off.
  2. Computer still seems to overload and the effected gtar signal will momentarily crash before returning. When this happens the 'Audio Processing Load" meter will peg.
  3. The same thing happens on playback. Sometimes tracks will come in and out during playback unless I ‘freeze’ them. This defeats the purpose of the new custom super fast computer right??

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

Hi and welcome,

  1. Make sure Direct Monitor is switched Off on your Audio Device.

2 & 3. Increase Buffer Size.

Rather than describing your PC as supposedly fast as lightning, giving some actual specs may help.
You should run LatencyMon and see what it reports in the first instance.

Also tell us what buffer settings/sample rate you are using when having problems and list any optimisations you may have done.

I have read this interface is not the best performer at low latency but you should be able to get workable result I would think.